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Making Music with Mellencamp w/Dane Clark :: Ep 175 The Rich Redmond Show

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Dane Clark is an Indiana native who has been honing his instrumental (drums, bass, guitar and keyboards) and songwriting skills from an early age. His early influences of British Invasion rock and Dylan era folk music still resonate in his musical vision.

Clark began making a name for himself as a session drummer in the Indianapolis area in the early 1980’s. As well as 28 years with John Mellencamp, Dane has recorded with John Prine, Steve Earle, Ian Hunter, Janis Ian, Carrie Newcomer, The Bob And Tom Band and a multitude of others. Dane has released 7 critically acclaimed singer/songwriter projects of his own including 2019’s Americana tour-de-force “Rebel Town” (featuring Carlene Carter) in October of 2019. His latest release “Songs From Isolation”, by Dane Clark and the Backroom Boys featuring John Sebastian was released in August of 2020 to widespread acclaim and national press. He has produced and played multiple instruments on releases by rock and roll hall of fame inductee Donovan( Ritual Groove) and Don Stevenson of the legendary 60’s band Moby Grape. His eclectic percussive signature has been heard on stage with diverse musical giants such as Dizzy Gillespie, Josh Grobin and John Fogerty. For 20 years he has led his own “full blast rock combo”,The Dane Clark Band, playing in countless regional and local venues as well as opening for artists such as Allman Betts Band, Gin Blossoms, John Waite, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and 38 Special.


Some Things That Came Up: 


-2:00 Newest Mellencamp band member has been there 15 years 

-2:30 The return of Lisa Germano 

-4:45 Working with Nashville bassist Mark Hill at Blackbird Studios 

-7:30 Thundersound Studio in Andersen, Indiana 

-9:00 Drums are Dave’s THIRD instrument 

-9:50 The Dane Clark band for 22 years 

-10:45 John Prine, Ian Hunter’s Janis Ian, and Steve Earle 

-11:00 Ian Hunter’s “Defiant One”, sharing credits with Ringo Starr, and the late greats Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins. Also features Mike Campbell and Waddy Wachtel

-16:30 Embracing all of the ways to record remotely 

-18:40 Mellencamp’s “Orpheus Descending” and “Sad Clowns and Hillbillies”. 

-19:20 Standout tracks are: “Hey God”, “Perfect World” (written by Bruce Springsteen), and “Amen”

-21:00 The influence of drummer B.J. Wilson (Procol Harum)

-23:20 The 1993 audition

-31:00 Too many crashes in modern music? 

-42:15 The heaviness of Ginger Baker 

-44:00 The performance degree 

-45:00 The beauty of Steve Gadd. Checkout “Smokin’ in the Pit” by Steps Ahead

-46:00 Transcribing Vinnie Colaiuta

-47:20 Discovering Tony Williams and The New Tony Williams Lifetime

-49:00 Wrote, produced, performed and mixed his “Songs From Isolation” record 

-60:00 Dane’s Podcast: “The Morning Buzzz”

-65:10 Seeing Dane at The Greek Theater

-66:15 The Gear

-73:00 “The Fave 5” 

-78:00 Stephen King’s work ethic 




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