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Confidence-Conviction-Charisma-Power-Pazazz-Personality! w/Jorge Palacios :: Ep 170 The Rich Redmond Show

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Jorge Palacios is a top call drummer based in San Diego. He is know for working with artists such as Rick Springfield (since 2010), Paul Young, Tommy Tutone, The Mustard Seeds and many others. 


Some Things That Came Up: 


-3:25 Just finished tour backing up Rick Springfield, Paul Young and Tommy Tutone

-5:05 Rick Springfield loves LOUD drums!

-5:55 No Tinnitus

-7:15 SR-16 with The Mustard Seeds band

-9:30 Setlists have personalities 

-10:00 The “Mystery Song” Slot

-13:40 Taking chances in life

-20:20 The “Glory Days” of Musician’s Institute 

-21:00 Roommates with Ray Luzier

-25:20 Perfect World Entertainment 

-28:10 Yacht Rock craze 

-29:15 Tribute Bands 

-30:15 Drum Paradise L.A. 

-35:45 Cheat Sheets! 

-38:00 Common traits and skill sets 

-40:30 Daru Jones= visual branding 

-44:00 Family Business since 1978

-46:00 Confidence-Conviction-Charisma-Power-Pazazz-Personality!

-46:50 “The Fave 5” 



FB: @jorge palacios

IG: @drumjorge

X: @drummerjorge


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