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During each episode, your hosts Michael and Lesley will explore the world of U.S.-grown rice through the eyes of the people who know it best – farmers, millers, researchers, marketers, exporters and end-users. Whether it’s amazing achievements in sustainability and conservation, exciting promotional strategies, or innovative technology, we’ll get deep into the weeds to tell the story of U.S. rice. Whether you’re a seasoned ag industry professional or just looking to learn more about the rice in your pantry, The Rice Stuff has something for everyone.

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  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #31 Sitting Down with Chef Hari Cameron


    James Beard nominated chef and restaurateur Hari Cameron, a great friend to U.S.-grown rice, joins the podcast to talk about restaurants, how he got into cooking, what he considers when he’s developing a recipe, what the USA Rice Foodservice Farm & Mill Tour meant to him and other chefs, food trends, and a new exciting project he’s working on. He also shares his thoughts on how foodservice is portrayed in movies and on TV, and the kitchen appliances nobody should be without. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #30 Climate Change - Part One of Five - The Science


    We’re doing a multi-episode deep dive into climate change. For this episode we’re joined by meteorologist, journalist, and author Bob Henson who will explain the science of climate change. We’ll talk about climate versus weather, how weather patterns are changing, the Texas cold wave, hurricanes, strategies of mitigation and adaptation, how climate change is impacting supply chains, and more. Bob’s book is “The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change” and you can follow him on Twitter @bhensonweather. Hosted by: Michael Klein, Lesley Dixon and Dr. Steve Linscombe
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

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  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #29 The Importance of Research to the U.S. Rice Industry


    Research is vitally important to the rice industry – so much so farmers, millers, & merchants pay for it themselves. Dr. Steve Linscombe, who knows rice research better than anyone, sits down with some of the most respected names in rice research: Drs. Dustin Harrell, Kent McKenzie, and Bob Scott, to talk about the impact research has had on the U.S. rice industry. California rice farmer Kim Gallagher also joins the podcast to share what research has done for her farm, her family, and her state. Hosted by: Steve Linscombe, Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #28 Grab Bag: A Scholarship, Whole Grain Consumption, and Urban Rice Farming


    USA Rice’s Deborah Willenborg launches the 2021 National Rice Month scholarship contest that distributes more than $10,000 to high school seniors; Kelly Toups, head of nutrition for Oldways, shares new findings about consumers, whole grains, diets, and what it all means for rice; and we check in with Jay Vroom, Senior Advisor to the Farm Journal Foundation about the Voice of the Farmer Garden in Washington, DC and the rice he’s growing there. More info: Reel Rice Contest, Oldways, and Farm Journal Foundation Garden. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #27 Taxes & The Ag Economy


    Ever since Ben Franklin remarked that “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” the government has been tinkering with the tax code and taxpayers have been trying to survive. A new study found proposed changes to the U.S. tax code could have a devastating impact on U.S. farms. The author, Dr. Bart Fischer, formerly chief economist for the House Ag Committee and now co-director of the Agricultural & Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University and an assistant professor, joins us to explain. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #26 Countries in Crisis: Haiti & Iraq


    The top destination for U.S. milled rice is Haiti, where an assassinated president and civil unrest have led to some of the worst violence in decades, including the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of rice and other commodities. USA Rice’s consultant, Christine Coupet Jacques, joins the podcast from Haiti to discuss. Sarah Moran is also back to weigh in and discuss another reliable market that has been turned upside down recently; Iraq, an oil-dependent economy hamstrung by the global pandemic. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #25 All About Soil Health: Cover Crops, Precision Planting, and Making it Work


    Soil health is a critical part of a successful farm – whether you are talking crop health or farm economics, the dirt beneath your feet holds the key. Arkansas rice farmer Adam Chappell joins Lydia Holmes to talk about how a pigweed problem led him to become a cover crop convert. He shares his thoughts on, and vast experience with, organic matter, precision planting, cereal rye, revenue per acre, and finding a way to make it all work. All that plus, Marvel movies and interesting ways to eat watermelon. Hosted by: Lydia Holmes, Lesley Dixon and Michael Klein
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #24 Rice State Ag Officials Round Table


    Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture Wes Ward and Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain join the podcast to talk about infrastructure, counterterrorism, the Farm Bill, WOTUS, climate change, Dicamba, the problem with uncertainty in agriculture, what keeps them up at night, and more. They also talked about the movies that best represent their respective states, and Michael and Lesley talked about their favorite TV shows and movies from their states as well. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #23 Row Rice, Furrow Irrigation, and AWD


    Water efficiency is vital for farmers’ bottom lines, the planet, and the rice industry’s social license to operate. While not available to all growers, row rice offers many advantages. Dr. Steve Linscombe welcomes Dr. Jason Bond of Mississippi State University and Louisiana farmer Jason Waller to share some of their expertise on furrow irrigation and AWD that are a part of row rice systems. Somehow Michael and Lesley tie in tomato paste efficiency and the reversal of the Chicago river. Hosted by: Dr. Steve Linscombe, Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon
  • The Rice Stuff podcast

    #22 The Beerisode - Drinking Rice


    Anheuser-Busch is the #1 user of sustainably grown U.S. rice. They use rice in Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and even in new Bud Light Seltzers. Hellbender Brewing Co. brewmaster Ben Evans joins the podcast to talk about brewing craft beer with rice, including the Louisiana purple rice beer he made last year. USA Rice’s Cameron Jacobs also stops by and the gang discuss future projects, Louisiana’s Crying Eagle lager made with local rice, and in the name of science and journalism, sample them all. Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon

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