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Longtime friends and games media colleagues Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro share their combined decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for games with weekly discussions about what they're playing, what's happening in the industry, and whatever else they're up to.

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    Behind the Green Curtain


    At least half of this podcast is about Microsoft buying Activision, because, well, you know, but we also find time for Nobody Saves the World, OlliOlli World, more Resident Evil Village (World), hamsters with drinking problems, the animatronic fate of Jimmy Hoffa, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:10) Intro (00:00:54) Where does that leave Teddy Ruxpin? (00:02:33) It always come back to Chuck E. Cheese (00:05:00) How many stores are fronts? (00:09:58) Hamsters drink like a fish? (00:16:27) Microsoft is acquiring Activision! (00:39:14) First Break (00:39:18) More on Microsoft and Activision (01:21:14) Second Break (01:21:18) Video Games! (01:23:05) Nobody Saves the World [Xbox, PC] January 18th (01:36:54) OlliOlli World [Xbox, PlayStation, PC] February 8th (01:44:08) [SPOILERS] Resident Evil Village (02:02:17) [END Of Resident Evil Village] (02:03:36) Thanks everybody and go check out the Patreon for more (02:05:21) Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts (02:06:43) Thanks for the feedback regarding timestamps (02:07:58) Content updates (02:08:50) See ya! See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    Iulian Was Right


    We've emerged from the Game of the Year mines ready to tackle 2022's games, starting with... Resident Evil Village! Also: the psychedelic space sheen of The Anacrusis, some ruminating about PlayStation VR2 and the next Switch, a farewell to John Madden, the epic file-naming clash of hyphens vs. underscores, a quick note on podcast ads, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:09) Intro (00:02:06) What's on the show (00:02:17) 2022 is the year I start-using-hyphens_instead_of_underscores? (00:08:53) We care about developers (00:11:03) We're all judging you based on your filenames (00:12:34) I feel no sense of security from this Social Security (00:18:28) The Anacrusis (Xbox, PC) Early Access (00:27:59) Resident Evil Village (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) May 2021 (Possible Spoilers) (00:42:31) First Break (00:42:36) [SPOILERS] Resident Evil Village and Ethan's hand problems. (00:50:30) [END OF HAND SPOILERS] (01:04:49) Second Break (01:04:53) News (01:05:31) Details on the new PSVR (01:21:01) What happened to Magic Leap? (01:23:10) A fantastic transition to talking about No in-person E3 (01:35:16) Take-two and Zynga (01:37:27) Samsung's 2022 TVs to ship with Stadia and GeForce Now (01:43:07) Stalker 2 delayed to December 2022 (01:44:25) Sony to keep the PS4 in production a bit longer (01:48:41) analyst predictions and the Switch Pro (01:56:36) John Madden has passed away (02:03:22) A quick note about podcast markers and ads (02:05:55) Thanks everyone (02:06:26) Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts (02:08:21) 2022 is here so let's play some really old games See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

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  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    Alex Narrativaro


    Our retrospective on the games of 2021 comes to a close (OR DOES IT??) with a long consideration of the best stories of the year, a perhaps longer effort to arrive at the 10 best games of the year, then a quick rundown of the games we're looking forward to in the coming months. Thanks to everyone for supporting us last year and into the future! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:10) Intro (00:02:25) Game of the Year recap so far (00:05:43) There will probably be more spoilers than usual. I've marked the games during best story where we go deeper in the narrative. (00:06:47) Best Story (00:09:32) Lost Judgment (00:16:33) Life is Strange: True Colors (00:18:43) The Forgotten City (00:26:06) Unpacking (00:28:59) Jett: The Far Shore (00:34:41) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (00:36:36) Guardians of the Galaxy (00:43:32) Deathloop (00:47:25) Mass Effect (00:49:51) Inscryption (00:55:07) Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye (00:58:31) Psychonauts 2 (01:06:30) Break (01:06:33) Making the Best Story list (01:16:40) Moving into the overall best games of the year (01:16:57) Nextlander personal Top Ten lists (01:18:28) Vinny's Top Eleven Games (01:19:17) Brad's Top Ten Games (01:20:07) Alex's Top Ten Games (01:20:50) Cutting out all the games that didn't make it (01:36:45) And that leaves us with 20 games that made the list (01:38:00) Making 20 games into 10 games (02:07:58) Ordering the best 10 games (02:28:51) Reading the Top Ten (02:31:52) The full Nextlander 2021 category recap (02:35:57) The games of the future! (02:36:29) Dyling Light 2 (02:37:05) Sifu (02:37:33) Horizon Forbidden West (02:38:38) Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (02:39:30) Stalker 2 (02:40:07) Elden Ring (02:40:11) Saints Row (02:40:27) Tunic (02:40:54) Stray (02:41:20) Redfall (02:41:41) Far: Changing Tides (02:42:21) Advance Wars (02:42:35) Forspoken (02:42:57) Starfield (02:45:51) Bayonetta 3 (02:46:00) ARC Raiders (02:46:47) The next WWE game (02:47:33) Ghostwire: Tokyo (02:48:08) Wrapping up and thanks (02:48:57) Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts (02:51:06) Written lists will be posted on Patreon soon (02:51:56) Thanks and see ya! See for privacy information.
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    Zestiest Joie de Vivre


    Our chill and agreeable consideration of 2021's best games continues this week (and may or may not conclude), with categories like Best Music, Best Time Loop, the "I Wish I Liked It More" award, the games with the most positive zeal for life, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:10) Intro (00:02:33) Categories that are left (00:04:18) Best Music (00:53:46) Best Character (01:33:10) Break (01:33:13) Zestiest Joie de Vivre (01:54:46) Best Time Loop (02:11:46) The "I Wish I Liked It More" Award (02:41:22) Recapping the day's awards (02:43:54) Coming up on next week's show (02:44:30) Wrapping up and thanks! (02:45:28) Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts (02:46:51) Be safe and see you all in 2022 See for privacy information.
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    Twenty Twenty-Fun's Game of the Weird


    It's GOTY (pronounced GOAT-Y) time, y'all! We kick things off for 2021 by taking you through all of our personal games of the year from 2011 to 2020, and then we tackle our first handful of categories, including Best Looking Game, and Best Hitman 3 map! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:09) Intro (00:02:05) The GOTY Setup (00:04:15) The last 10 years of GOTY (00:04:54) 2011 (00:08:53) 2012 (00:14:35) 2013 (00:17:47) 2014 (00:24:44) 2015 (00:29:19) 2016 (00:35:18) 2017 (00:40:35) 2018 (00:44:26) 2019 (00:47:45) 2020 (00:56:02) BREAK (00:56:06) 2021 (00:57:38) Best Looking Game (00:58:34) The Short List (01:02:41) (back to) Best Looking Game (01:35:47) Wait, That Came Out This Year? (01:52:15) Best Throwback Action Platformer (02:03:03) Best Hitman 3 Map (02:20:51) Recap (02:23:52) Thanks and more GOTY coming up next episode (02:25:53) Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts (02:27:22) See ya! See for privacy information.
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    Idris Elba as Knuckles


    In the wake of the Game Awards, this week we run through a list of our favorite reveals like Arc Raiders, Thirsty Suitors, Rumbleverse (?), Slitterhead (??), and Alan Wake II (???), then get into early impressions of THE GUNK, more of our time with Halo Infinite, that Matrix/Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, Vinny's mental infrastructure week, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS (00:00:10) Intro (00:00:34) Chock full o'Nuts is coffee, right? BernstEin Bears (00:02:40) The news from the Game Awards (00:04:23) Rumbleverse (00:07:30) Thirsty Suitors (00:10:10) Alan Wake II (00:14:20) Homeworld 3 (00:16:18) Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 (00:17:15) Star Trek: Resurgence (00:19:00) The Expanse (00:20:41) Sonic Frontiers (00:26:24) Nightingale (00:28:43) Slitterhead (00:30:18) Arc Raiders (00:35:14) Somerville (00:36:35) Have A Nice Death (00:37:33) Imagine Dragons x  Supergiant Games (00:41:51) Quantic Dreams (00:42:47) It Takes Two (00:43:28) Destiny 2 (00:46:38) Break (00:46:41) The games we've played recently (00:47:47) Halo Infinite (00:56:33) The Gunk (01:06:56) The Matrix Awakens (01:17:49) Recapping the games (01:19:52) Wrapping up and thanks! (01:22:00) Mysterious Benefactor Shout Outs (01:24:04) See Ya! See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    The Grapple Kerflapple


    Halo Infinite is no longer delayed! Now it's released, and we grapple our way through the first few hours, plus some questing (and whispering) in space with Chorus, Sony's rumored Game Pass competitor, the Battlefield/Respawn shakeup, Vinny's adventure with home COVID tests, Ubisoft's alarmingly quick foray into an actual NFT business, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS 00:00:10 Intro 00:01:17 We don't actually have an office. Just our desks. 00:02:09 Here's to your health! 00:03:11 I can swab my own dang nose whenever I'd like. Thank you. 00:06:14 Halo Infinite (PC, Xbox) December 8th 00:36:49 Chorus (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) December 3rd 00:44:51 Solar Ash (PC, PlayStation) December 2nd 00:47:43 Halo Infinite discussion redux 00:50:30 Break 00:50:33 News 00:51:25 Vince Zampella to oversee Battlefield franchise 01:00:32 Workers at Raven walk out 01:05:23 Activision will not be showing at The Game Awards 01:06:29 Sony possibly getting closer to their version of Game Pass 01:15:51 Take-Two continues its trademark wars 01:19:47 Ubisoft to bring NFTs to Breakpoint? 01:27:15 The Matrix is coming to Unreal 5 in some form 01:29:16 Wrapping up and thanks 01:31:05 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts 01:33:04 Nextlander upcoming and updates 01:34:00 See ya! See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    Caravella's Caffeine Clothing


    We've entered the December doldrums, but there's no need to fret! We've got Solar Ash to talk about, alongside the 1.0 release of Fights in Tight Spaces and a little more on Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, all the news you can use, and probably then some!  Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS  00:00:10 Intro 00:02:07 A little tale about caffeine 00:07:09 The part where we make both unsubstantiated and substantiated claims about caffeine 00:10:00 I had to switch to decaf soap after 6PM 00:12:20 Solar Ash (PlayStation, PC) - December 2 00:38:09 Fights in Tight Spaces (Xbox, PC) - December 2 00:47:06 Guardians of the Galaxy (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) - October 26 00:53:13 Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, PC) - November 9 00:57:24 Break 00:57:27 News 00:58:05 Titanfall will stop being sold in March 2022 01:05:38 GOG not making money currenty and refocusing strategy 01:12:42 Resident Evil 4 Remake art leaked? Possibly? 01:18:54 Is Chrono Cross also destined for a re-something? 01:24:02 Dragon Age creative director leaves BioWare 01:26:30 GTA Trilogy physical editions delayed 01:29:25 Brief mention that Dreams got a fairly big update 01:30:46 Half-Life 3 might not be a real game but maybe a new Half-Life game is coming to the Stream Deck? 01:37:46 Will we get more announcements soon? 01:38:25 Wrapping up and thanks! 01:40:57 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts 01:43:12 Show recap and looking forward 01:44:39 See ya See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    Three Kinds of Foul


    This week we're feeling thankful for many and varied kinds of bird flesh, the interstellar skateboarding of Exo One, building real rockets to conquer fake YouTube in Next Space Rebels, more Halo Infinite multiplayer, a quick recap of our year so far in games and some loose GOTY planning, the Harmonix/Epic buyout, the coming year two of Hitman 3, something something Mass Effect TV show, and more! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS 00:00:09 Intro 00:00:50 Nothing inappropriate about Turducken... or is there? 00:02:59 Duck-Chicken-Turkey or Chicken-Duck-Turkey? 00:06:35 Early recording this week 00:09:15 Ain't no sunshine in the basement 00:10:13 Let's talk about some video games 00:10:41 Exo One (PC, Xbox) 00:19:37 Next Space Rebels (PC, Xbox) [Switch delayed to 2022] 00:29:26 We shall begin the review of the games of the year... now 00:30:01 Halo again old friend 00:36:24 Making the list of 2021 games 00:51:20 Break 00:51:23 News 00:52:24 Epic Games buys Harmonix 01:00:57 We're using metaverse unironicalily now? 01:06:06 The Activision Block (Will Bobby Kotick stay or go?) 01:15:11 We're getting even more Hitman 3?! 01:19:21 Kojima Production expands into TV and film 01:21:32 An earnest appeal for a proper Mass Effect show 01:28:32 Wrapping up and thanks 01:29:09 Mysterious Benefactor Shoutouts 01:31:24 Nextlander content and scheduling stuff 01:32:39 See Ya See for privacy information.
  • The Nextlander Podcast podcast

    Alex's Over-the-Hill Pills


    New releases from Halo, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto have us feeling a bit like it's 2002 this week, the latest revelations about Activision misconduct might just spell the end for  Bobby Kotick, Panic's Playdate is delayed by the battery gremlins, Xbox has over 70 new back-compat games (and maybe a 1 Vs. 100 revival), and Alex schemes to hang onto his 30s eternally. All that and more, in this here podcast! Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at, or support us on Patreon! CHAPTERS 00:00:09 Intro 00:01:25 Happy Birthday Alex 00:04:20 Set your baud rate 00:05:30 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta (Xbox, PC) 00:31:02 Battlefield 2042 (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) 01:01:32 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch) 01:18:04 Custom soundtrack support in games 01:21:34 Break 01:21:38 News 01:22:34 Activision and Bobby Kotick news 01:43:12 The Playdate is going to be delayed 01:47:58 Saints Row reboot delayed six months 01:49:20 Possible name and setting for Quantic Dream's Star Wars game? 01:57:05 Somehow Hot Coffee continues to scald in the PC release of GTA 01:59:25 Is Xbox bringing back 1 vs 100 in some form? 02:05:56 No more backwards compatible games after this batch for Xbox 02:15:14 Don't forget about Skate 2 and also we're shutting down the servers 02:16:29 Interview with Xbox's Jason Ronald 02:35:44 Wrapping up and thanks 02:38:01 Mysterious Benefactor Tier 02:39:52 Nextlander content and updates 02:42:12 See ya See for privacy information.

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