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Chasing Simple

Amanda Warfield

How do I find time to create content without overwhelming myself? Where should I even be showing up in my marketing? How do I come up with fresh content ideas? Where should I be focusing my marketing efforts? What is lead generation and how do I do it? Are launches still a thing? And most importantly – how do I put it all together to market my business strategically? Can I really grow my business without spending all of my time marketing? If these are some of the questions that float around in your head when you think of marketing – welcome friend. This is Chasing Simple – where practical marketing strategy meets simplicity. I’m your host – Amanda Warfield. Simplicity-focused content marketing and launch strategist, speaker, educator, and author of Chasing Simple Marketing. I traded in my classroom lesson plans for helping creative entrepreneurs sustainably fit marketing into their business, without it taking over their business – so that they have time to grow their business, take t

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