The Infinite Skrillifiles: OWSLA Confidential podcast

The Infinite Skrillifiles: OWSLA Confidential


The Infinite Skrillfiles Guide To Finding (And Sometimes Fighting) Monsters and Sprites [plus, other magical beings]

Guided by A Hybridized Extraterritrial Mystic Alchemist of the Ascended Mastery, Through Infinity and Beyond...Way, Way Beyond.

Festival Project™ is a multi-genre, multi-dimensionally mystifying and magical multimedia series, set against the backdrop of modern dance music-- i.e.” rave” culture-- combined with historical and futuristic elements of science fiction and folklore-- across expansions of space-and-time, unifying with The Universal Consciousness in a multidimensional and explorative ensemble of Films, Episodic Series, Music Videos, Extended Playlists, and Concept Albums.

A perpetual symphony of artistic storytelling , woven though a cavalcade of wonderful and whimsical characters along high-intensity, off-the-map adventures--showcased through Music, Film & Interactive Art Explorations--set upon the dreamlike actual reality of an unravelling fabric of time-and-space.

This explosive and expansive wave of enigmatic, chaos-colliding, charismatic [ and often comedic] kinetic energy, reflects a shared experience throughout all time in human connection; Journey beyond the unknown, to Worlds Within--and Without.

Enter The Multiverse.

324 episodios