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Travel and Life in Hong Kong and Japan with Sam Evans

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On this episode, I’m joined by my good friend - world traveler Sam Evans, who is currently making in depth documentaries about Hong Kong on his channel Hong Kong ‘Hoods. We talk about life in Hong Kong as compared to elsewhere, and discuss tips for maximizing your experience when you visit Japan.

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  • The Albo Show podcast

    The Mission of The Hvnters


    In this episode, Masa and I talk about the vision for the future of The Hvnters and our goals and dreams of being the bridge between Japan and the Western world for JDM culture.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    The Truth About The Real Life Takumi Fujiwara from Initial D.


    In this episode, I sat down with Jammal who is one of my regular co-hosts, to discuss my fallout with Mr. Fuji****, the man who claims to be “the real life Takumi Fujiwara”. I will not link to his social media, but you can find it if you try even a little bit. Suffice to say, I do not appreciate the things being said about me from someone I considered a friend and was trying to protect for his own sake. This podcast discusses in depth about my relationship with him, and basically my side and thought process, which I hope people will find reasonable, and will see things for how they really are. It’s all very disappointing, and tbh I don’t know yet how the chips will fall, but I felt like I had to put this out otherwise my name will just get dragged in the mud for no reason, and I have a certain responsibility as well to let people know how things really are. Thanks for listening.
  • The Albo Show podcast

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  • The Albo Show podcast

    The Podcast Is Back!


    I’m this episode, I’m joined by Masa (@Masalovescars) and we chatted for two hours about tons of stuff such as his upcoming move back to the Tokyo area to work at Top Rank, the rising prices of JDM cars, ideas for collaborating on upcoming projects, and tons of other random stuff! Great podcast and it’s good to be back at it.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    AMA: Answering your questions about working in Japan, motivation, and JDM culture!


    In this super long (4 hour!) episode of the podcast, I answered around 13 or so questions about living and working in Japan, finding the motivation to pursue your dreams abroad and dealing with leaving your friends and family back home, and some questions about cars and car culture. This was a ton of fun to do and I’ll be doing more of these since I have a ton of great questions I still need to answer. Hope you enjoy this one!
  • The Albo Show podcast

    Overcoming fear, self doubt, and realizing it’s simple - you either do it or you don’t.


    In this episode, I’m joined by Masa (@masalovescars) where we crack open a couple of beers and just talk about cars and life. In this episode it seemed like Masa was going through a bit of a personal crisis and so I did my best to offer my perspective about what it takes to leave the salary grind, start your own thing, and keep going. We did a “future pacing” visualization exercise that I do myself regularly and towards the end, I even read a page from my journal because it felt like a real heart-to-heart bro moment where I really wanted it to resonate. Hope you guys enjoy this one and that it has some value for your life.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    Kung Fu, Internet Clout, Why Positivity Is The Most Logical Choice For Life


    In this episode, I’m joined by my good friend Jamal, where we talk about the ol days when we used to train Kung Fu together. We talk about JDM cars and culture, the toxic nature of internet clout, and the reason why positivity is the most logical choice for a life worth living.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    A Deep Dive Into The Mindset Required To Really Go For Your Dreams


    In this episode, I’m joined by one of my oldest and best friends, Chris Coelho (@itschriscoelho on Instagram and Chris;Coelho on YouTube). Chris is preparing to make the jump to living in Japan to pursue his dreams and in this episode we really unpack it and analyze all the important details of what you have to think about when you consider moving to Japan, and pursuing a dream of building a successful YouTube channel and online business to support your whole life. It’s definitely possible and I think the things we talk about in this podcast apply even if you aren’t planning to live in Japan but are just trying to figure out how to get your life together and take it to the next level.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    The concept of 10X’ing your life (feat. Masalovescars)


    In this episode, Masa and I talk about the concept of 10X’ing your life and what that all means.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    Initial D Hell, Internet culture, and Positivity with Ciro, founder of IDH


    In this episode, I’m joined with Nico Ciroletti, also known as Ciro/Cheeroh. He is the founder of the legendary Facebook group Initial D Hell.
  • The Albo Show podcast

    Albo, Masa and Dustin Williams Talk About Car Life and Japan!


    Hey guys in this episode I’m joined by Masa and Dustin Williams and we chat about car life in Japan, specifically the differences between Tokyo and Osaka. Also stick around until the end for updates on the Mid Night documentary, Racing Hearts the movie and more.

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