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The Health And Wellness Coach Journal

Center For Health And Wellness Coaches

The Health and Wellness Coach Journal is a blog and podcast that shares valuable information for coaches related to health, wellness, and coaching. This is a resource designed to support coaches, discuss best practices, and cultivate a sense of community. Join your host, Dr. Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ACC, a Yale-trained emergency medicine physician who, after completing the first one-year physician wellness fellowship in physician wellness at Stanford University, transitioned careers to practice holistic health and wellness. Through healing from her own burnout, Dr. Singh gained knowledge and experience in various holistic health and healing modalities, including yoga, Ayurveda, mind-body techniques, and coaching. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast, discussing topics such as advocacy for coaching to help bridge gaps in healthcare systems, professional fulfillment, integrative health practices, entrepreneurship, and more. The podcast is provided by the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches. Our mission is to support the professional development of coaches through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and advocacy for certification and standards of practice. For more information and content, including detailed episode show notes, visit our website:

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