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Laura Reynolds

Laura Reynolds is a holistic health coach and spiritual mentor who helps women get in shape, grow in their faith, and overcome body image struggles. The Fully & Freely Show is a safe space where together we pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health - allowing us to live more fully and freely.

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  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    018. Oakley Quinn's Birth Story


    Hayden joins me today for a very RAW episode... sharing the birth story of our Oakley Quinn!   March 18, 2021 was simultaneously the best, and the worst day ever. It was exactly what we wanted, yet nothing like what we expected.   Press play to join our conversation in reliving the day our sweet bug was born!   I'd love to connect with you over on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    017. Abiding in Christ and Flourishing in The Kingdom with Emilee Kurt


    Abiding in Christ sounds so good, but what does that actually look like?   Emilee Kurt is a life coach who is passionate about living a flourishing life in Christ and helping other women do the same. Today she shares some practical steps that we can take toward living more rooted, flourishing lives in Christ and The Kingdom.   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds Connect with Emilee at @emileekkurt Join the Messy Bun Newsletter at
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

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  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    016. Our Relationship Story


    An age gap I never saw coming, a backyard pig roast wedding, and years spent long-distance.   Hayden’s and my relationship story is entirely different than what I would have expected if you had asked me to imagine my love story unfolding, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.   Press play and have a girl chat with me about how Hayden and I met, fell in love, and navigated a long-distance military relationship.   Connect with me on instagram at @lauradawnreynolds
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    015. How to Heal and Speed Up Your Metabolism with Dr. Katie Church


    Curious about how you can speed up your metabolism and increase your health and wellness?   Dr. Katie Church learned the hard way that under-eating, over-exercising, and chasing after a smaller body can actually seriously damage your health and slow down your metabolism.   Today she shares her experience and expertise in how to heal and speed up your metabolism.   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds Connect with Katie and find her free metabolism guide at @drkatiechurch  
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    014. Food Freedom Through a Dietitian's Eyes with Tveen Verano


    Healthy eating is more than just a perfect diet.   Registered Dietitian Tveen Verano has a refreshing perspective on what it means to live nourished and free. Today she gives us her best advice on how to be disciplined with nutrition without being restrictive. If you desire a healthier relationship with food, this conversation will encourage you and point you in the right direction!   Connect with me on instargram at @lauradawnreynolds Connect with Tveen at @tveenverano.rd
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    013. Client Story- The Transformation From yo-yo Dieting to Consistent Health with Stefanie Melliere


    After years of yo-yo dieting and trying to lose weight, Stefanie embarked on a new health experience, leading her to deeper transformation than she knew possible.   In this episode, Stefanie shares her story of inviting God into her fitness journey and finding true consistency through the balance of grace and discipline.   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    012. Creating a Lifegiving, Realistic Morning Routine with Kayla Grinolds


    Are you sick of rushed, hectic, chaotic mornings? Me too sis.   Life coach Kayla Grinolds helps women crate healthy rhythms and routines, and that starts with intentional mornings.   Press play on this episode to learn how to create a morning routine that’s realistic for your life, and how to stay consistent with it!   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds Connect with Kayla and find her website here: @kaylagrinalds
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    011. Finding Community and Building Vulnerable Relationships


    Do you feel a little isolated in this season of life?   Cultivating community and deep friendships can be hard, but boy is it worth being bold and going after.   In this episode we chat about how we were not created to do life alone, the beauty of community, and how to be bold and brave, and pursue vulnerable relationships.   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    010. Body, Baby & Bible Part 3: Mama Life with Tanner Hobbs


    Motherhood is a wild, beautiful, sanctifying journey that Tanner Hobbs and I are just embarking on.   In today's conversation, Tanner shares about her journey trying to conceive, the best (and worst) advice she's been given as a new mom, and how parenthood is refining her marriage.   You can catch the other episodes of Body, Baby & Bible over on Tanner's podcast, the Chasing Freedom Show   Connect with me on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds Connect with Tanner at @_tannerhobbs
  • The Fully & Freely Show podcast

    009. 3 Tips to Lose Weight More Easily and Keep It Off


    This is NOT a "guide to get skinny quick". I think we've all fallen for enough of those fad diets and false promises.   Today I'm sharing 3 foundational, practical tips that will help you in your weight loss journey. I truly believe that if I had implemented these 3 things earlier, I wouldn't have spent so many years trying (and failing) to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.   I'd love to connect with you over on Instagram at @lauradawnreynolds !

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