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393 The Value Proposition for Hassle-Free Music Licensing

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Join Sarah Pellegrino as she speaks with the SyncFloor team to learn how they are connecting health club owners and music creators in order to get great commercial music for their modern digital fitness experiences. When looking for diverse, high quality, relevant and affordable music for any fitness class, there’s no better partner! 

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  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    403 Thinking Ahead: Leveraging Behavioural Design in your Fitness Business


    Joining us on today’s show we welcome Dr. Daniel Krieglstein. Dr. Krieglstein is a Behaviour Designer and Scientist. He enjoys developing hypotheses from noisy, confusing datasets; and allowing consumer behaviours to drive design choice." This is an incredible show with incredible insights!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    402 5 Tips to Website Audits with Connie Holen


    Have you ever wondered if your company's website is as effective as it could? Is it easy for the consumer to navigate and is it aesthetically pleasing? Our industry expert, Connie Holen will help guide you through these answers. She has advice, knowledge and tons of advice to help your fitness website to be the best it can be!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

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  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    401 How fit pros can thrive and survive in this evolving fitness industry with Doris Thews


    Who better to teach and preach the ins and outs of the fitness business industry veteran and pioneer Doris Thews. Doris speaks the truth about not only surviving, but thriving in this ever changing industry. Listen as Doris talks about the importance of relationships over resumes and the three P's. I hope you enjoy this week's episode and tell your friends that Doris Thews is going to provide them many golden nuggets improve their longevity in the fitness business!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    400 The Value Proposition for Revolutionizing Digital Signage


    It’s not just about signage, it’s about strategy! Join host, Sarah Pellegrino, as she speaks with the team at Digital Revenue Systems to learn why adding digital advertising to your health club will generate more revenue from your existing members. Hear first-hand how the Digital Revenue Systems team works alongside with your existing Marketing team, supports you through the onboarding of digital signage, and works to know your community and membership base the best they can to make digital signage successful for your business!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    399 What big box gyms can learn from boutique gyms with Kory Angelin


    Kory joins the Fitness Business Podcast family as a first time guest and guides us on how big box gyms can learn from boutique studios and begin to incorporate some of the special touches that makes the boutique experience so unique. Keeping the culture personal and welcoming is key for retention when it comes to group fitness. Also, big box gyms should take note how boutiques use social media to engage their members and are able to generate new leads through their posts. Kory delivers unbelievable information that is so relevant and easy to transition into. Take a listen and see how many golden nuggets you can take away from his episode....I guarantee you will be amazed!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    398 Using Pinterest in your Fitness Business with Kate Ahl


    Did someone say Pinterest for fitness marketing? That is exactly what Kate Ahl, from Simple Pin Media, talks about today in our episode. Kate will give you all of the inside information on "how to" use Pinterest as another social media platform to market your business and/or your brand. Once you get comfortable with the platform, all you need is a little time and a sprinkle of creativity can help you reach a whole new fitness market with hardly spending a dime.
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    397 How Enneagram can help you work better with your team and clients


    Sarah is an Enneagram Business and Life Coach who helps her clients and students enhance their visibility, confidence, leadership abilities, and overall quality of life by creating specific strategies that align with their personality, values, and goals to become more life giving and less draining.
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    396 Running a Successful Bootcamp Program with Lori Patterson and Jono Petrohilos


    Bootcamps are back baby! They are bringing in residual revenue for fitness clubs and helping independent fitness pros to capture an audience. Lori Patterson and Jono Petrohilos know a little bit (well, actually alot) about running successful bootcamp programs. They take this episode to teach our FBP family their tips to success, as well as a few hiccups that they learned along the way. Tune in to learn from the pros so you can begin your successful journey and financial reward!
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    395 Discover Strength Partner Update with Luke Carlson


    In this podcast partner update Chantal Brodrick speaks to Luke Carlson about some of the common challenges fitness owners face when running a gym and solutions that can be found in a franchise business model. 
  • The Fitness Business Podcast podcast

    394 Marketing in Post Pandemic 2022 with Richard Toutounji


    Richard Toutounji has been working in the fitness industry for 20 years when at just 17 years of age he bought Australia's First Private Fitness studio. Richard shares his forecast on what marketing looks like moving forward. In his episode, Richard stresses that NOW more than ever, it's time to focus on your marketing budget. Listen up, as Richard will help you disperse your funds to find the perfect marketing budget for your facility.

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