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Josh Smith - Northlane

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My guest this week is Josh Smith, guitarist of Northlane. As well as playing guitar for the Australian progressive metalcore (?) giants, Josh is also a manager and keen cyclist. We talk about all of that, and a bunch of other stuff. Just listen to it. Peace!

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    Stan Bicknell - Drummer


    My guest this week is phenomenal drummer, coffee nut, instagram sensation and very HEALTHY man, Stan Bicknell. Enjoy
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  • The Downbeat podcast

    Brendan Murphy - Counterparts/End COVID SPECIAL


    I caught up with Brendan Murphy from Counterparts and END to talk about how we both caught COVID in Brooklyn, life after music, being gigantic divas, and which vocal warm ups he definitely does not do.
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Milkie Way - Wargasm


    My guest this week is Milkie Way, bassist/vocalist of Wargasm. We talk live-streamed wardrobe malfunctions, visual art, and their modern approach to punk.
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Mike Johnston - Educator


    My guest this week is Mike Johnston, drummer and online educator. Probably one of my favourite people to talk to, Mike is a fantastic drummer and entrepreneur with his website kickstarting (and continuing to dominate) the online music education game. Mike's unbelievable work ethic is infectious and we had a great chat mostly about all things pertaining the the business of the drum industry, but a lot of Mike's wisdom can be applied to all aspects of life!
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    Emma Boster - Dying Wish


    My guest this week is Emma Boster, singer of metalcore band Dying Wish. We talked about her sick band and their sick new album 'Fragments Of A Bitter Memory' as well as veganism, bacon people, and much much more.
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Aaron Weaver - Wolves In The Throne Room


    My guest this week is Aaron Weaver. Co-Founder/Drummer of Atmospheric Black Metal band Wolves In The Throne Room. We talked their upcoming album 'Primordial Arcana', as well as earth magic, meditation and much, much more.
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Hana Devore - Fitness Pro


    My guest this week is Hana Devore, fitness competitor, coach, and keen biohacker. I caught up with her to discuss everything from fitness and biohacking to relationships and strong ass weed. It was a great time!
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Courtney LaPlante - Spiritbox


    My guest this week is Courtney LaPlante, singer of Spiritbox. Spiritbox is a metal band from Canada, and they are really, really good, possibly my favourite new band right now. As it turns out, Spiritbox are a fan of my dumb content too so we were basically just really nice to each other for 2 hours. Spiritbox's new album Eternal Blue is available for pre-order now!
  • The Downbeat podcast

    Tobi Duncan - Trash Boat


    My guest this week is Tobi Duncan, singer of Trash Boat whose new album Don't You Feel Amazing is available for preorder now. We talk about working in a call centre, Tobi's coming out as a bisexual man, his knee surgery (and his subsequent painkiller addiction) amongst other things. It gets a bit sexy. Enjoy!

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