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Chapter 125. Cheeriogarth

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The band-breakfast-names seem to be reaching a climax, and it’s all gone a little bit Strictly.

“What?!” I hear you cry.

Well, you know in the early rounds of Strictly, (or Bake Off for that matter) all the offerings are kind of OK. You know the kind if thing, a solid 5 but not much more.

Well with the exception of Ian Muesli that’s where we were at with this.

But by the time you have finished listening to 125 you will have realised that inspiration struck like lightning and we’re are now looking at straight 10s from Len. (...but you might well wonder where the Railway Museum went).

A lemon meringue to anyone who can come up with one for Luis Jardim who's feeling very left-out on the bus.

h (Currently channeling Byron, Brunel, and Bill Bailey)

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