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Chapter 118: Ready, Set (list), Go

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This week it’s all about purple-participation, so before you listen you need to read through the pre-show notices. The Object of the Game I have been challenged by Ant to make-up my perfect Marillion set list by picking one song from each one of the albums* I have made with the band. And we thought it might be fun if everyone listening played along to see how well you think you can predict my choices. How to Play You are going to need a pencil and some paper, (or an iPad or a blackboard, or a cave-wall and some woad). All sorted? Smashing. So now you need to list numbers 1 - 14 and then select a song from each one of the albums from Seasons through to AHBID* in chronological order. Just ONE song per album, and it should be the song you think I am going to choose. Once you have picked one for each album you should have your own take on what my ultimate set-list will be. Have one last check over it to be sure you are happy, and then you are done. Scoring and the Winner(s) Listen to Chapter 118 and mark your answers against my choices with one point for each one that is correct. Post your total out of 14 (no cheating) in the comments section on Patreon and let’s see who I am most cosmically aligned with. If you win, you should probably worry... Love’n’it's not the winning - it’s the taking part h *for the purposes of this game Less is More and With Friends from the Orchestra aren’t included. (TCD Merch Store) (Become Purple and support the show) (The Invisible Man Volume 1: 1991-1997) (The Invisible Man Volume2: 1998-2014) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Website)

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