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Chapter 112. Cut yourself some slack, but don't spend too long in the hammock

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I might have started repeating myself a little. I think you may well already know that, but because you are so very sweet you don't tend to mention it. I also think Ant has started to notice, and I don't know whether he is being equally polite or whether he is just humouring me (but, more likely, using it as an opportunity to illustrate my onset of dementia.) For this week's chapter we are talking about Happiness is the Road, and as part of the conversation I may well have enthusiastically said a few things that I have previously (and equally enthusiastically) said. If so please bear with. Saying that I am pretty confident I haven't mentioned the Queen of the Sandwich, the crowd at Montpellier or my crunchy Maracas before. I also don't think I have likened our songs to Sinatra up until now. So maybe it isn't such a problem after all. Love'n'jamming without tension h (TCD Merch Store) (Become Purple and support the show) (The Invisible Man Volume 1: 1991-1997) (The Invisible Man Volume2: 1998-2014) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Website)

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