The Busy Woman's Guide to Fitness and Wellness Podcast podcast

The Busy Woman's Guide to Fitness and Wellness Podcast

Alix Hubble

Are you a busy woman struggling to find time for fitness and wellness in your hectic life? Look no further than The Busy Woman's Guide to Fitness & Wellness, your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation. Hosted by Alix Hubble, Fitness & Wellness Coach and founder of ChickFit, this podcast helps you discover a realistic and achievable way to stay active within a busy schedule. Say goodbye to guilt and the diet rollercoaster as we explore sustainable approaches to health and wellness. Join us each week to get answers to questions like: • What is the best type of exercise for weight loss? • How many times a week should I exercise to see results? • What are the benefits of strength training, and how do I get started? • How can I get motivated to exercise regularly? • What are the best ways to reduce stress? • How can I fit exercise into a busy schedule? • How to balance fitness and life? • What are the best types of exercise if I’m busy? • How to start a fitness routine for a beginner?

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