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Tech Talks by Mayer Brown

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This show is designed to keep you up to date on the latest trends happening in data, digital, outsourcing and software. Just 20-30 minutes long, each podcast session provides insight on legal issues relating to technology transactions and touches on relevant and timely topics.

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  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Data Transfers from Europe and Beyond: The New EU SCCs and Other Changes in International Data


    Businesses today are data driven and data dependent, but the rules that govern how data can be used and shared across borders are becoming increasingly tricky for international organizations to navigate, subject to constantly evolving and often conflicting requirements in each region. None more so than in Europe, where changes over the past 18 months—including updated versions of the EU’s Standard Contractual Clauses for cross-border data transfer—have raised new sets of questions for organizations seeking to comply with the rules for moving personal data from Europe to places like the United States. In this special National Cybersecurity Awareness Month episode, partners Vivek Mohan and Oliver Yaros along with host Julian Dibbell discuss these changes and a few things businesses can do to stay on top of them.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Cloud + Strategic Partnership: The Evolution of Cloud Services


    Competition among cloud platform providers is fierce as they scramble for market share and customers. As cloud providers bundle key products and services—such as AI and other tools—with their “basic” cloud offerings to lure and retain cloud customers, they are also offering other benefits through “strategic partnerships” with customers. In a strategic partnership, a cloud provider collaborates with the customer to provide new services or industry platforms and even joint “go-to-market” opportunities utilizing data and industry expertise from the customer. Cloud + Strategic Partnerships resemble joint ventures in many respects but without forming a jointly-owned legal entity. While a Cloud + Strategic Partnership may provide many advantages to cloud customers, there are a number of important issues to consider before entering into such a relationship. Join Mayer Brown partners Rebecca Eisner, Rohith George and Brad Peterson and host Julian Dibbell as they discuss how to achieve the customer’s business and legal objectives in a Cloud + Strategic Partnership with a cloud provider.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

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  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Global Impact of China's Data and Cybersecurity Laws


    Over the past few years, China has introduced a range of laws dealing with data privacy and cybersecurity. The most well-known is China's Cybersecurity Law, which came into effect in June 2017. With the recent passing of China’s Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law, concerns regarding data localization and how to get data outside of China have been brought back into sharp focus. But beyond cross-border data transfers, these new laws may also have a further impact on technology transactions, particularly in relation to the deployment of cybersecurity products in China or for foreign companies that deliver products or services to Chinese residents or that utilize Chinese service providers. Join Mayer Brown partner Gabriela Kennedy and counsel Karen Lee along with host Julian Dibbell as they explore these developments.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Insurance Technology and Innovation: Meeting Consumer Demands


    The way consumers purchase goods and services is rapidly changing, and insurance is no exception. AI, advanced analytics, smart devices and other technologies are enabling new capabilities, and insurance companies, together with their Insurtech and Big Tech partners, are finding innovative ways to reach and service customers using these tools. Join Mayer Brown partners Rohith George, Paul Chen and Yevgeniy Markov and senior associates Yuliya Feldman and Julian Dibbell as they discuss trends and highlight regulatory, commercial and contractual issues in this exciting space.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    IP Pitfalls in Data Monetization Projects


    Join Mayer Brown partners Richard Assmus and Oliver Yaros as they discuss with host Julian Dibbell how to address the IP pitfalls in data monetization. Their discussion will focus on the unseen value of data, the difficulties that exist with protecting data as traditional intellectual property, the paramount importance of the contracting regime that applies with any third parties that are providing or obtaining data, the typical pitfalls that exist when seeking to protect and exploit the value found in data, and the practical approaches that can be taken to address these risks.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Making Sense of Banking as a Service (BaaS): Recent Applications and Considerations


    Banking as a Service (“BaaS”) refers to arrangements where licensed banks integrate their digital banking services directly into the products of other non-bank businesses. Join Mayer Brown partners David Beam, Rohith George and Joe Pennell and associate Julian Dibbell as moderator as they discuss these arrangements and how they compare to traditional technology outsourcing and other types of bank-fintech partnerships. The conversation will cover some of the key regulatory and contractual issues that arise when setting up these arrangements and other factors that financial institutions should consider when evaluating whether and how to enter the BaaS space.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    The Cyber Executive Order: Key Takeaways for Businesses


    With high-profile cybersecurity incidents hitting the headlines, President Biden’s recent cybersecurity executive order seeks to strengthen security practices at federal agencies and government contractors. But what does the order mean for companies across the private sector? Join Mayer Brown partners Stephen Lilley and Veronica Glick and host Julian Dibbell for a discussion of the order’s key provisions and how they may affect how businesses manage cyber risk and contract for secure products and services.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Software and Data Audits: Tips to Avoid the Traps


    Licensees face financial risk and operational disruption in audits by their software and data vendors. Changes in technology are driving a current surge in those audits. Join Mayer Brown partners Richard Assmus, Brad Peterson and associate Jengeih Tamba with host Julian Dibbell as they describe how those audits unfold and discuss strategies for reducing risk and disruption.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Contracting for AI in the Evolving Regulatory Landscape


    Across industries, companies are actively pursuing and seeking to scale existing implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to increase revenue, cut costs, develop new product offerings and retain or gain a competitive advantage. To realize the potential benefits of AI solutions, companies need to assess and account for related regulatory and compliance risks. The discussion focuses on practical approaches for companies to evaluate and account for regulatory and compliance risks when evaluating, licensing and implementing AI solutions. Join Mayer Brown partners Marina Aronchik and Vivek Mohan as they discuss with host Julian Dibbell the existing regulatory landscape for AI, as well as changes on the horizon.
  • Tech Talks by Mayer Brown podcast

    Achieving Successful Business Outcomes Through Supply Chain Risk Management


    The supply chain for products is becoming vastly complex as more and more products involve technology components. Technology may be embedded in products to achieve their intended purpose; remotely connected to monitor and maintain them, update their functionality and connect them with other systems; and used to collect data valuable to the enterprise. Understanding and managing the risks associated with these interconnected solutions will help an enterprise achieve its desired business outcomes. Join Hilton senior counsel John Eichenberger and Mayer Brown partner Linda Rhodes as they discuss with host Julian Dibbell managing the enterprise supply chain, including contracting with manufacturers and resellers, and addressing key risk factors for resiliency.

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