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At the heart of any success story are the People who made it happen. Diversity, creativity and innovation, when nurtured in people, can lead to an unbeatable formula. This series of interviews share the experiences of some truly inspirational leaders on their journey to success.

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    Why successful innovation begins and ends with customers


    This week I interview Marleen Wedler, CX enthusiast. As head of Customer experience at Expando Marleen shares her insight on how to generate meaningful innovation based upon customer feedback. The central aim is to create a customer lead journey across your ECommerce platform. Marleen discusses how to structure a successful customer feedback chain. We look at the essential elements of planning, resources, and the importance of working together with your tech team as crucial components to deliver a customer-focused product/service. This is a must-listen for anyone that is serious about optimising their customer journey! 
  • Tech People podcast

    How Vauban is opening up the venture capital space


    Tune in to our latest episode as we’re joined by Arik Oslerne, the Chief Operating Officer of VAUBAN – a venture capital (VC) and private equity company seeking to democratize the venture capital landscape and break down the barriers to small-scale investing. Investments, venture capital, and wealth management are all concepts traditionally associated with the ultra-wealthy; those with millions’ worth of capital and a swath of investments offering them high returns; thus, perpetuating the “the rich get richer” cycle we often hear about. Aided by advances in technology and COVID-19, VAUBAN has been challenging this notion, by redefining the investment space and allowing those with smaller tickets to enter the VC ecosystem and reap benefits previously inaccessible to them. Learn more about changes unraveling in the world of investing, some of the challenges it faces, and Arik’s thoughts on its future.
  • Tech People podcast

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  • Tech People podcast

    Fight for tech talent keeps companies on their toes


    In today’s episode, we chat with Louise O’Neill of the Berkley Group, who tells us more about the much-discussed issue of tech talent shortage and the challenges facing recruiters in trying to source such talent. For reasons such as COVID-19, increasing digitization and the rising number of new tech startups, the scarcity of tech talent has become more apparent than ever. As a result, Louise describes this space as a ‘candidate’s market’, making the fight for tech talent extremely difficult. In order to compete for much sought-after candidates, companies are increasingly required to come up with desirable and innovative packages, not to mention the appeal of exciting projects first and foremost! Tune in to learn more about this issue and find out what strategies Louise and her team have been employing to overcome this challenge for their clients.
  • Tech People podcast

    Blockchain: How NFTs are revolutionising sports, art, music, and many more


    In this episode, we sit down with Eugene O’Brien, the CEO of Big Fan Collectibles, who sheds light on one of the latest and most exciting additions to the blockchain space – NFTs – and how they have been taking the sports world by storm. While a lot of intimidating jargon often surrounds this novel piece of technology, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are quite simply digital, non-interchangeable digital assets. Think sports cards, drawings, music, or – as Eugene tells us – even tweets. The thing that’s so exciting about NFTs is that they’ve been paving a new way for companies, sports clubs, creators, and artists to engage with their audiences, and do so on a "peer-to-peer " level. NFTs’ main premise is to give buyers something that can’t be copied: ownership rights of the original asset; ultimately giving them a say in the future of the company they’re buying from. Tune in to find out more about BigFan, NFTs as well as what the future holds in stock for them.
  • Tech People podcast

    How AllianceBlock is bridging the gap between FinTech and traditional finance


    Tune in to our most recent episode where we take a deep dive into the world of DeFi (decentralised finance) with Anders Christensen and Matthijs De Vries of AllianceBlock. Anders and Matthijs crossed paths a few years ago and quickly connected over their discussions of blockchain and crypto. Aware of its issues, but also the opportunities that lay ahead for the industry, the two set out to create a safe, user-friendly, and collaborative space to meet soaring demand from crypto investors. Have a listen to learn more about how AllianceBlock has been transforming the space and gradually bridging the gap between Defi and traditional finance.
  • Tech People podcast

    FinTech Comes to the Rescue of Small Businesses


    Research shows that roughly 1 in 3 invoices go unpaid past their due date. As a result, countless small businesses, freelancers, and tradespeople spend a large portion of their time chasing up late payments. The ramifications of this, particularly in the COVID era, can be serious and highly destructive to small businesses trying to stay afloat. On this week's podcast, I speak to Ravi Jakhodia, the Co-Founder and CEO of Coupay - a FinTech software company on a mission to make late invoice payments a thing of the past. Ravi has decided to reverse the trend, by bringing invoice payments up to speed with our digitally-enabled lives. The podcast provides great insights into payments for small businesses as well as some great takeaways from Ravi on how he set up a new company to address a problem he experienced from buying a car. Enjoy the podcast :-). #fintech #Entrepreneur #startups
  • Tech People podcast

    How AdTech is Helping Brands Step Up Their Video Marketing Game


    Marketing gurus have been telling us for years that video content is fast becoming the most powerful marketing tool. What they haven’t told us is how to make your content appeal to more than one audience segment - after all, why invest unspeakable amounts of money into a campaign that’s limited by its country of origin’s borders? Founder and CEO of Think Jam and an indisputable trailblazer in the AdTech space, Daniel Robey, is here to tell us all that marketing experts haven’t - namely how to make the constraints of language and cultural nuance a mere formality rather than an obstacle that could sink a company’s budget. The answer comes in the form of Daniel’s state-of-the-art versioning tool, an incredible piece of technology that enables brands to get their content to the right people, with the right message, at the right time, and do far more with a lot less.  Tune in to hear more about the waves Think Jam has been making in the advertising space.
  • Tech People podcast

    Successfully Creating Software Products in 2021


    In this week’s podcast, we inadvertently touch on a debate that has yet to be settled. Which is more important: an idea or its execution? With countless aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to come up with the next big thing; that will compete with Facebook or Amazon, many also underestimate the skills, capital, and resources required to realise this new product or service. Trevor Newberry, the Founder of Newberry Consulting and Director of Product Delivery at Harmony Venture Labs, understands better than most the common challenges and pitfalls involved in building a software product as a non-technical founder. There are many ways to self-sabotage when it comes to software product execution. From rushing into the development stage too quickly, failing to diligently validate the product at every stage of the process, to overspending on marketing and advertising. Tune in, to learn more about how to get it right by anticipating and avoiding the stumbling blocks that could lead to software development failure.
  • Tech People podcast

    From Niche to Mainstream: Blockchain and Crypto Assets Regulation


    Blockchain is one of the 21st century’s most exciting new technology. Despite the rapid evolution and adoption of blockchain across many industries, it has presented regulators with the challenge of managing blockchain and crypto assets without hindering their growth. Such challenges are why associations such as INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) have become crucial to support regulators in drafting policies that are more innovative than inhibitory. In this week's podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with Marc Taverner, Executive Director of INATBA on the current key issues, solutions, and what the future holds. 
  • Tech People podcast

    How AI/ML is Scaling Automation


    In this week’s podcast, I get a fascinating insight into the latest trends in AI & ML with Sean Muller. With nearly 30 years experience in the industry, Sean helps businesses achieve radical growth by architecting innovative digital transformations. He outlines some of the major challenges and the possible solutions that face the sector today and into the future. An incredibly exciting space with both hugely positive capabilities or devastating potential.

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