Teaching My Friend Nutrition: Acne, Anxiety & Gut Health: A Health & Wellness Podcast For Women podcast

Teaching My Friend Nutrition: Acne, Anxiety & Gut Health: A Health & Wellness Podcast For Women

Laura Bennett, Atavia Minoudis | Reg. Nutritional Therapist

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Why is it that women are still experiencing breakouts, gut problems, and debilitating anxiety?

With so much information on health, why do we feel more confused than ever?

We're Atavia, a Nutritional Therapist and Laura, an aspiring singer/ songwriter, who hounds Atavia for nutrition tips in her free time.

Frustrated about the confusion and misinformation about women's health, we decided to make a change- and created this podcast.

Now, we help women change their health and lives- by freeing them of acne, anxiety, and gut problems, and improving their health & wellness.

This podcast will help you change your life- you'll be entertained while learning scientifically backed strategies to reduce anxiety, acne breakouts, and painful gut health problems, as Atavia teaches Laura, and you, the most shocking facts and easily utilised tools, about women's health and wellness.

If you’re ready to finally be free of acne breakouts, painful gut problems, and anxiety, while feeling in the company of your 2 new best friends, hit follow and listen to episode 41 "Overcoming Sugar Shock: Break Free From Sugar Cravings in 3 Simple Steps to Reduce Acne, Anxiety & Gut Health Problems"

Both of us understand the daily struggles many of us face when dealing with anxiety as women in our 30s, and we're here to provide holistic yet actionable strategies so you know how to manage and reduce anxiety and how to build confidence. You’ll find things that actually work for women in their 30s.

You'll discover a goldmine of actionable information that revolves around crucial topics like gut health and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). We break down these complex subjects into simple, easy-to-understand insights that you can start applying to your life right away. From understanding how your gut works to practical tips on managing IBS symptoms, we've got you covered. No jargon, no complicated science - just straightforward advice to help you take charge of your digestive health and enjoy a more comfortable, worry-free life. So, if you've been struggling with gut issues, or if IBS has been a constant companion, you're in the right place to gain valuable insights and find relief.

We dive deep into the nutrition side of health (Atavia is a nutritional therapist after all) unraveling the secrets to feeling less anxious and more energized. We tackle a wide range of dietary factors that can impact your well-being, from the notorious sugar cravings to the caffeine conundrum. We'll explore the benefits of turmeric, the mysteries of dairy, gluten and more. By breaking down these dietary elements, we empower you with the knowledge and practical tips you need to make informed choices for a healthier and happier you. Say goodbye to the rollercoaster of sugar cravings and the caffeine-induced jitters, and say hello to a balanced, energetic life of wellness.

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