Tax Today: Procurement podcast

Tax Today: Procurement

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Still haven’t cracked the code on indirect tax and procurement? Let us help. On Tax Today, a Vertex podcast series, host Kristin Schwabenbauer holds enlightening discussions with tax, IT, and procurement specialists focused on shaping tax in the procure-to-pay process. Tune in every week for words of wisdom to help you transform tax.

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  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Consumer use tax audits: Pain points and solutions


    On the season-one finale of Tax Today: Procurement, Larry Mellon, a tax manager at Vertex, offers tips on minimizing audit risks. Host Kristin and Larry also tackle the importance of showing your data trail, implementing systems to ease the burdens on AP professionals, and more. 
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Integrating Vertex with SAP Ariba: An overview


    Tax and procurement experts have many needs, from calculating taxes in purchase requisitions to distinguishing between vendor-charged taxes and self-assessed taxes. Geof Gajes, the Vertex product manager for SAP, covers how integrating Vertex with SAP Ariba can take the pain out of these and other processes. 
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

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  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Understanding international accounting: Global indirect tax and procurement


    Vertex’s Peter Boerhof and Tiffany O’Neil are back to talk tax and procurement on episode 12 of Tax Today. Tune in as the pair join host Kristin to shed light on the concept of master data in the AP process, weight in on the differences between international accounting perspectives, and offer advice on designing the optimal tax automation process. 
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Technology trends in P2P and tax automation


    Technology is a game changer for the tax function. On episode 11 of Tax Today, Kristin speaks with Vertex’s Mike Bernard and David Deputy about what cutting-edge tools organizations can use to optimize their processes and how exactly they can help businesses unlock their true potential. 
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Tax reporting: Why internal audit and SOX are essential


    When it comes to tax reporting, clean, accurate, and timely data is the name of the game. Return guest Mike Bernard sits down with Kristin to talk about the benefits of internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) groups coming together to keep their company’s tax reporting under control. Mike also makes the case for how an automated tax engine can help. 
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Keys to a successful procurement platform implementation


    With 24 years of consulting technology and strategic management experience, Axel Knaf from PwC is well versed in how to implement a procurement platform. Join Kristin and Axel for several can’t-miss tips on setting the stage and executing a successful implementation project. Discover the importance of recognizing your pain points and getting tax, procurement, and IT working hand in hand.
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Invoicing explained: Understanding indirect tax during the procurement process


    Podcast favorite Peter Boerhof, from Vertex’s chief taxation office, joins Kristin for episode eight of Tax Today. Peter gives a comprehensive rundown of the invoice process, touching on everything from optical character recognition and three-way match to reconciliation and automation.
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Key considerations when deploying a tax solution for procurement


    For procurement transformation to be successful, the tax function is essential. On episode seven of Tax Today, Deloitte’s Les Jackson explains how a powerful tax engine and a partnership between procurement and tax can lead to improved processes and better business outcomes.
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Aligning tax and procurement to streamline business processes


    Too many companies today are losing money by overpaying taxes. Integrating tax and procurement can help put an end to that. Mike Guelker, managing director at EY, joins Kristin for episode six of Tax Today to share several best practices for how the two functions can better work together.
  • Tax Today: Procurement podcast

    Industry perspective: Integrating a tax engine for a global motor manufacturer


    What does tax look like from the inside of a global motor manufacturer? On episode five of Tax Today, Adam Runnalls, a senior solutions manager at Vertex, provides a peek. Kristin also talks to Adam about the tools, partnerships, and other resources needed to automate tax, simplify purchasing, and more.

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