StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice

Kaylene Langford | Business Coach

Real-life and raw startup stories from the frontline of successful business. Hosted by business coach and founder of StartUp Creative, Kaylene Langford, these episodes are packed with invaluable how-to advice, resources, recommendations and inspiration for up-and-coming startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Feel empowered in the knowledge that managing a business you love isn’t a pipedream but rather an opportunity waiting to come to life. It simply requires persistence, sleep deprivation and a reckless renegade spirit of possibility and positivity. At StartUp Creative find everything you need to give you a big, bad dose of brave.

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  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    The power of zooming out and working 'on' your business


    Burnt out. Uninspired. Resentful and Bored. Whether you’re there now or have been there in the past, we’ve all felt it. Today I want to talk to you about zooming out and why it’s so important to work on your business and not in it and get you feeling motivated and inspired again. We all have that ideology implanted in our heads that if we aren’t hustling, we aren’t being productive enough. But as important as it is to hustle, it’s just as important to pump the breaks, sit down, bouncearound ideas and generate creative input. We must learn to zoom out of our analytical mind while we’re wearing the many hats within our business and step into our creative dreaming space of innovation and collaboration. This episode provides tips on how you can input your brain with creative inspiration and resources outside of your industry, learning to be okay with your never-ending to-do list and how to tell when it’s the right time to zoom out of your business
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    In conversation with Queen Timberlina


    This week I am so honoured to have the very first Queen to grace the Startup Creative soundwaves, the talented and wonderful Timberlina. My conversation with Timberlina was so insightful and hilarious, from chatting about her first experience on stage in NYC doing the splits in the middle of a dance-off, getting wigs delivered to the work office on a construction site to using a little bit of liquid courage to email pubs and clubs in small rural towns to hireher bingo show. We chat about how she was never really a part of the gay scene, but started to connect and learn moreabout the community once she took on the glamorous persona of Timberlina. Her story is a beautiful example of flowing into your natural qualities and truly hustling and not letting ‘no’ get in the way of your dreams. She is breaking down barriers in small-town communities and educating people about the drag community by being inclusive, having a good laugh, and a lot of fun. Timberlina shares some really epic business advice on how to start your creative side hustle and how you can kickstart your drag career by staying true to who you are and aligning yourself with people and companies who embody you and your brand
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

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  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    Just Start: How to get motivated and build momentum


    This episode is a little pep talk to get you out of that funk you’re in. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Did you know that 92% of people don’t achieve their new year's goals? It’s really not a surprise, because implementing change and new habits is hard and most people who set out to achieve something don’t achieve it on their first go. You’ve probably been sitting there dreaming up these incredible plans and writing out your goals yet you struggle to push it over the line. Today I chat about the 5 steps of change and provide you with some hacks to overcome your limited beliefs and how you can continue visualising your end goal to get you to where you want to be. Remember to keep riding the momentum of those dreams and goals that make you feel good.
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    In conversation with Kaylene, WAH WAH Australia


    I’m honoured to have a fellow Kaylene on the podcast this week to chat about her journey and the story behind the incredible start-up, WAH WAH Australia.  Kaylene is truly a woman of many talents and is the creative mind behind the niche knitwear brand that strongly reflects her passions and personal ethos. Her brand collaborates with artists, musicians, and the likes creating sustainable and high-quality knitwear made to order.  Kaylene shares her journey through Fashion School and how she gently shifted towards starting WAH WAH, chipping away and taking small steps to ensure her brand was completely in alignment with her beliefs and lifestyle.  The story of WAH WAH is an incredible start-up story and is filled with such wisdom and insight. I’m really excited to share it with you guys, enjoy!
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    3 Quick Hacks to Kickstart Your Motivation


    If you’re looking for a mini motivation masterclass, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll start by saying that it’s totally normal to struggle with motivation for your business! Just like your business ebbs and flows, so does your drive to kick those goals or knockdown daily tasks. Today I chat about Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose and how these 3 words will guide you to check-in with yourself, re-activate your motivation and come back to a sense of purpose.
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    How to Glow Up In Your Business with Dr. Marion Piper


    This podcast has been in the making for a long time and it's a bit of a free therapy session. Dr. Marion is a creativity coach and copywriter who is obsessed with exploring what it means to live a truly creative life and I’m really excited to share her wisdom and experience with you today. Dr. Marion is incredibly passionate about research and creativity, and towards the end of her academic journey she honed in on her interest towards Spiralling Up and the concept of Post Traumatic Growth. We discuss how daily creativity engagement can assist in bolstering against life’s adversities, the 5 areas in life where Post Traumatic Growth shows up and how to activate the strategies when you notice your stressors arise. This episode is followed by a free downloadable workbook with journal prompts for you to delve deep into your own business glow up.
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    What you focus on expands


    What are you feeding your brain? Right now, we’re living in a time of turbulence and uncertainty. It feels as though everyday there’s a new opinion to digest as though we’re stuck in a circulating door of thoughts and emotions. This episode is a friendly reminder to check in with your energy field, what are you allowing to be omitted into your frequency and how are you shaping your reality? During these moments where we feel as though we don’t have much control over anything, it’s important to check in with what’s real to you, and take back control of your own universe.
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    In conversation with Declan & Jono, Afends


    Declan & Jono grew up as neighbours in Byron Bay, living and breathing the surf/skate lifestyle from their early years. Their love for fashion and design had kickstarted when they began screen-printing tee’s for bands in the early days of the Byron Bay hardcore music scene. Today, Afends is known as one of Australia’s most loved clothing brands and are leading the way for the future of the sustainable fashion industry. At the beginning of 2021, they chose to make the shift to using 100% certified fibres in all of their garments and have just recently bought 100 acres NSW to begin the process of growing their own hemp, with the dream of one day manufacturing their garments locally in Australia. Today we chat about their first conversations about their brand and developing the Afends name, their ethos, the financial process of begging and borrowing in the early years, to launching their first retail store to tie in their business with their lifestyle. Declan & Jono live and breath their passion for sustainability, not just in their own brand but changing the stigma behind hemp based products and fibres. They’re 100% committed to choosing integrity over the easy option and are constantly learning new skills to continue showing up for their brand and loyal customers.
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    Taking the Leap- 9-5 -startup with Daisy Clem, Relate & Meditate


    What it's really like to leave your 9-5 and leap into your own business? On today's episode I caught up with a good friend of mine and recent freelancer, Daisy Clementine who has just launched her own business, Relate & Meditate.    Daisy shares her career journey from high school to working for herself, the real-life feelings of leaving the comfort of her job and starting her own business and shares practical tips, tricks and advice on how to transition from a job to working for herself. 
  • StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice podcast

    Target Market- How to identify & find your ideal customers


    One of the most important steps in starting and growing your business is deeply understanding who your target market is and what they need. In this episode I will teach you why it is so important to understand your target market  what information you need to know  where you can find it  how it will help to inform your business decisions  As the business world becomes more and more saturated it is vital that business owners are able to refine who exactly they are wanting to sell to and figure out the best way to align themselves with their audience's values in order to effortlessly start and grow your audience.    A practical business coaching session on one of the most important topics you will need to cover when starting out and revisit as you continue to grow and scale your business. 

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