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Vandana Shiva | Living Consciously Amidst The Globalists, Corporatocracies, Bill Gates, & Corrupted Captured Institutions

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Dr. Vandana Shiva bringing light to the challenges of our New World Order: Bill Gates, The Great Reset, Patented Seeds & our agriculture crisis, Corporatocracies, Globalists & the 1%, and all things captured industries and institutions alike.

Dr.Shiva is a scientist, environmental & anti-GMO activist, eco-feminist, and anti-globalisation author is here to spread some truth. She has written over 20 books, and is the founder of the Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology: a movement in defence of biodiversity & small farmers.

In this episode of Stars & Destruct, Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk tune in with Dr. Vandana Shiva to ask questions about the globalist agenda, the environmental crisis & our broken system, and to shed light on how to grow from here.

In an illusion-shattering conversation on the poison cartels, GMOs, Nazi-Germany Monsanto, Silicon Valley, fake food, the social credit system, disconnection, Impossible Burger, the unemployment crisis, farmers committing suicide in India, food-related diseases, synthetic fertilizers, the digitalisation of money and much more, Vandana awakens us to the roots of The Great Reset and plants seeds for a sovereign future for all of life.

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