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Teal Swan | Neo-Spiritualism on War, Gender, Wokeism, God, Fame, & Parenting

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Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher, New Thought Leader and best-selling author, who has inspired and helped millions of people with her YouTube-series ‘Ask Teal’, her books and events across the world. Teal’s mission is to transform human suffering into empowered and authentic living.

In this episode of stars+destruct., Juliana Spicoluk, Mark Spicoluk, & Teal Swan meet up in a Moroccan restaurant in L.A. and talk about the history books of the future, Bohemia & Prague, the problems of humanity, basic human needs, forgiveness, disconnection, healing from abuse, alchemy, World War III, the World Trade Center, wanting humanity to survive, fame for fame’s sake, authenticity, millennials, Michael Jordan, wokeism, the future of relationships, the truth about motherhood and career, nighttime routines, and God.

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We have chosen this apparatus to explore a wild cosmos of minds, to awaken our hearts and to expand ourselves.

To step off the mat & live the practice of unity.

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