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Mei-Lan Maurits | Healing Journeys & Co-Creation For A Higher Frequency

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Mei-Lan Maurits is an intuitive singer who has dedicated her life to the awakening of our planet with her voice and music. James Gibson is a musician, producer and composer and Mei-lan’s life partner. Together, they create magic.

In this first episode of Stars & Destruct, Juliana Spicoluk, Mark Spicoluk, Mei-lan Maurits and James Gibson talk about camper vans, Skrillex, Costa Rica vs. Austin, parenting, channeling, healing & fear, parents, country stars, The Artist’s Way and how Mei-lan began to sing.


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Mei-lan Maurits

Other topics we discuss in this episode:
Co-creation, the music industry, Queen of The Bush, new beginnings, Barton Springs, The Artist’s Way, the exodus to Austin, Mei-lan’s creative Process, survival patterns, new beginnings…


We have chosen this apparatus to explore a wild cosmos of minds, to awaken our hearts and to expand ourselves.
To step off the mat & live the practice of unity.
Each & everyone of us sees the world through our own unique light.
And amidst this constructed space we wish to connect our lights
as constellations, beyond opinion.

To dissolve false narratives that divide us.
To stand tall with one another’s truths.
To learn to hold different perspectives simultaneously.
To free the path to the stars.
To create cosmos out of chaos.

“I have lived with several Zen masters -- all of them cats.”
Eckhart Tolle

“After this whole acting thing is over and done, you eventually have to be human. Some people are never human. It's very weird.”
Joe Rogan

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time.”
Dalai Lama

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