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Aubrey Marcus | The Mind Virus, Psychedelics & The Warrior Poet

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Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is the host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, a motivational destination for conversations with over 50 million listens. Aubrey is the founder of Onnit, the mind behind the donation-based coaching platform Fit For Service and has produced several documentaries including “Dragon of the Jungle”. He is the amazing human we sat down with at the Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas.

In episode two of Stars & Destruct, Juliana Spicoluk, Mark Spicoluk & warrior poet Aubrey Marcus talk about the mind virus, dying more beautifully, mask mandates, his impromptu wedding in Las Vegas, his second wedding at Burning Man, new stories, parenting, ayahuasca shots, Joe Rogan, dark retreats and going into politics.



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Aubrey Marcus



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Topics: Burning Man, Vaccines, Lock Downs, Mind Virus, Mask Mandates, Aaron Rogers,Impromptu Desert Weddings, Ketamine & The Full Fuck, Relationships,The Bodisatva, Alchemy, Joe Rogan, Accountability, Dark Retreats, Love Drops, Mother/Father Archetype, Matias De Stefano, Past Lives, Charles Eistenstein, Zach Bush, Robert Grant & more.



We have chosen this apparatus to explore a wild cosmos of minds, to awaken our hearts and to expand ourselves.

To step off the mat & live the practice of unity.

Each & everyone of us sees the world through our own unique light.

And amidst this constructed space we wish to connect our lights

as constellations, beyond opinion.

To dissolve false narratives that divide us.

To stand tall with one another’s truths.

To learn to hold different perspectives simultaneously.

To free the path to the stars.

To create cosmos out of chaos.

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