Soul Speak with Erika Elmuts podcast

Soul Speak with Erika Elmuts

Erika Elmuts

Erika Elmuts describes herself as a consciousness catalyst and starseed tasked with a powerful soul mission to accelerate the ascension of the planet, cleverly disguised as a Bostonian at heart, a Harvard graduate, a naturopath, a co-inventor of the OXO salad spinner, an international professional speaker (yet extremely introverted), and mom. She can be seen driving an F-150 around southwest Florida and is often spotted wearing cowboy boots or yoga pants (but not both). Her proudest accomplishment (aside from her amazing daughter of course) was that she swam from Alcatraz to shore and lived to tell about it. Erika’s direct yet loving approach to inspiring her global audience to navigate the journey of soul growth has resulted in tens of thousands of people attributing their lives improving significantly directly to her teachings. In this show, she covers all of the fascinating topics in the realm of consciousness, New Earth, healing and spirituality, with a dose of humor and relatability. If you’re looking only for “love and light” or “namaste” this may not quite be your vibe. While there is still plenty of that, Erika’s messages are that of the beautiful, the raw, the challenging and the profound. Helping you navigate the reality of living as a higher consciousness being in a third dimensional world. It isn’t always pretty, it’s certainly not easy, yet it’s full of rewards, magic and connection. Using a blend of naturopathy, energy healing, spiritual counseling, channeling and intuitive guidance, Erika’s expertise spans multiple disciplines, which share the same common thread ~ applying universal consciousness and principles to all aspects of life. To your health, within your family and your children, in your intimate love relationship, and to your soul.

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