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Rae Leigh

Songwriter Trysts is an intimate space where artists from all over the world gather to discuss the love of songwriting. Writing songs and the journey that one makes into this ancient art form is powerful stuff. Songwriters have something to say and this is a space to delve deeper into their songs, where they come from, and what they are creating.

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    #155 Natalie Nicole Gilbert


    Writing with someone who has passed on, recording and releasing hard copy CD's and records as an independent artist are just some of the interesting topics we discuss in this featured episode with Natalie Nicole Gilbert.  (Los Angeles, CA - September 1, 2021) The road to recovery is rarely straightforward, and is sometimes arduous and hard-fought. Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist, and songwriter Natalie Nicole Gilbert uncovers songs of honesty, vulnerability and resilience in her latest album, Recovery. This genre-bending artist reveals a music project born out of Gilbert’s own personal experiences with physical recovery and trauma, reflecting on the universality of the process of recovery as everyone faces change and loss. The 12-track album consists of eight covers and four original songs by the artist. Featured on the album are GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter/arranger Jarrett Johnson (Michael Bublé, David Foster, Alicia Keys) and songwriter David Blair (The Voice, Germany). Produced and engineered by Latin-GRAMMY nominee Robert Eibach, Gilbert’s Recovery album is available now on Spotify and all other music-streaming and download platforms. The album is currently being considered for a GRAMMY in the Pop Vocal Album category. Connect with Natalie:  Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify YouTube
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    #154 iLana Armida


    Ever had someone ask you "whats your brand?" as an artist it can be one of the hardest questions anyone asks you. In this episode host Rae Leigh and guest Ilana Armida talk about the humanity of being an artist and how they believe the "branding" practice in the music industry is changing.  iLana Armida is an incredibly talented Pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts. Raised in South Florida, iLana fell in love with music and found her passion from an early age. Writing and performing in local musical theatre. After high school, Ilana, attended Florida Atlantic University, where she got her degree in Commercial Music Business; and where she found her sound. iLana first EP ‘Iridescent Flower Child” was compared to the likes of JoJo and Christina Milian. Blissful, trippy, hypnotic, haunting and powerful were just a few words used to describe it. Connect with iLana: Website Spotify Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter
  • Songwriter Trysts podcast

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  • Songwriter Trysts podcast

    #153 Kirsty Lee Akers


    Kirsty Lee Akers currently on Channel 9 reality TV show 'The Block' with husband Jessy and releasing her first single under her new independent record label, this is a rare talent who is proud of her First Nations heritage, she is a woman of the Wonnarua Nation (Hunter Valley – Australia). Akers describes herself as a fusion of country and Americana, with pop stylings. She has embraced a global musical culture and now spends her time between Australia and a hard-earned international touring schedule in North America and Europe. Although she spends time overseas during the year, Australia will always be her spiritual home. Connect with Kirsty: Website Spotify Instagram YouTube
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    #152 Jasmin Bade


    Jasmin Bade received an APRA scholarship to do a bachelor of music at the university of Tasmania and talks about what collage was like for her and the benefits that she got from going to university that isn’t always listed in the description of the course. It was the culture and community and life experience she got from living on campus. Now living in Nashville and getting an internship at the blue bird she is living her dream, inspired by Casey chambers and Taylor swift she is chasing her dreams to be an incredible singer songwriter in her own right. Phil barton is a great supporter of her in Nashville who is also from Melbourne and now in Nashville as a songwriter. Being mental health week we talk about the challenges around social acceptance of mental health issues. And especially how it has increased during Covid not just in the music industry but for everyone. We go into what a mental health first aid certificate is and why it's so great to have. Connect with Jasmin: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok Spotify YouTube Support Rae Leigh and the Podcast to keep going through 'Buy Me A Coffee' Here -
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    #151 Peter Smokie Dawson


    The Dawsons are a country family through and through. From Ballarat to Yapoon and then back to Tamworth. Australian farms and country music are a deep rooted part of this family and Peter Smokie Dawson is sharing his passion for country music at country music festival all over Australia. In this episode we talk about his journey as a young boy passionate about the guitar and settling down into a married family life as a windscreen professional for a long time before getting back to his passion for country music after an injury. Rae Leigh and Pete met at the singer songwriter retreat in 2016 and they were both in a low place and co-write a song together called "All I Can Do". They talk about their meeting and Pete shares his travelling stories as he goes from festival to festival sharing his songs and songs from legions past.  Captain Moonlight - By Peter Smokie Dawson - see live performance on the Songwriter Trysts Facebook Page or listen on Spotify HERE All I Can Do - By Peter Smokie Dawson & Rae Leigh - view HERE Connect with Peter: Spotify Facebook YouTube
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    #150 Jimmy Fortune


    Jimmy Fortune is a child of the depression, found an old guitar in a dump and after leaning that people would give him money to sing he realised very young that this could be his full time job, against the encouragement of his parents. An American country music singer from Nelson County, Virginia. Fortune sang tenor for The Statler Brothers for 21 years, and wrote the song "Elizabeth" for the group. After The Statler Brothers retired, he continues to perform as a solo artist. We talk about his song "More Than A Name On the Wall" a tribute to Vietnam Veterans which strikes a cord for host Rae Leigh as her father was is also a Vietnam vet.  Connect with Jimmy: Website Spotify Instagram Facebook YouTube
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    #149 Shane Nicholson


    In 2019 Rae Leigh went to the DAG singer songwriter retreat where Shane Nicholson was one of the mentors and they got paired up to write a song together called 'Powered By Love'.  Shane has been recording and releasing his own music since the 1990's and has worked with some amazing artists including Kasey Chambers.  With over 10 million streams to date on previously released material, the writing process for Shane’s latest offering played out a little differently.  Instead of taking himself off to a remote location (his usual writing process) most were written in borrowed houses nearby on the Central Coast, and as a result of Song Club - the online writing community set up by Nashville-based expat Sam Hawksley, whereby songwriters have to produce and post a new song every week.  The recording process for ‘Living In Colour’ also played out differently to his last albums, where he previously worked with his good mate and multi-award winning producer Matt Fell. Connect with Shane: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify YouTube
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    #148 Andrew Farriss


    Andrew Farriss hardly needs an introduction to music fans. He is the man behind the songs that saw INXS sell more than 50-million albums throughout their career. Consequently his music has been on welcome and constant radio rotation globally for over 3 decades. I was lucky enough to chat to Andrew about all things music and find out more about his life growing up living WA listening to an AM radio which he listened to everything that was available. Listen to the podcast to find out which band he first ever saw live and what inspired him and his brothers into music.  Connect with Andrew:  Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Spotify
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    #147 JVMIE


    She's worked with Recording Academy / GRAMMYs award winning Dave Audé and had a number 2 on the Billboard charts in the states. Now in Gold Coast and being a finalist in the Gold Coast Music Awards this year she shares her journey as a mum #singer #songwriter and also shares about her collaboration with Sheppard for the Olympics this year creating a song to help better athletic performance. Jamie has maintained an independent artist over the years of her career even after what looked like very good offers from major labels however it was more important to her to maintain her independents over the years than to join with them to keep her music limitless. She has made her own way making movies and working with amazing creative producers in Australian and the US living in LA for a while before returning to the Gold Coast Australia during the Covid pandemic.  Connect with JVMIE: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube Twitter
  • Songwriter Trysts podcast

    #146 Samantha Sharpe


    Samantha Sharpe is an independent Australian artist in the pop/indie genre disrupting the music scene. With her new EP recently released, Sharpe makes her debut with thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics and tunes. The solo artist is best known for her stunning vocals that depict the rawest emotion. Connect with Samantha: Website Spotify Instagram Facebook YouTube

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