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Sittin' Up In Our Room

Brandon Ash-Mohammed & Andrew Johnston

The world of pop culture is fun for some but a labyrinth for others. Join reigning queens of Canadian comedy, Brandon Ash-Mohammed & Andrew Johnston as they serve as your pop culture pilots, navigating you through a series of ‘intergene-RACE-ional’ deep dives of deep cuts. If you're a person who loves hearing about music, movies, and other media, then listen to this and get ready to embark on an odyssey of the obscure.

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  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E20 - Guilty


    Minnesotan jurors made like Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb finding Derek Chauvin GUILTY. Brandon and Andrew are back giving hot takes and cool shakes (of their fists) on this, PLUS: guess who can't and who even more can't whistle? Olivia Newton-John's grandfather was friends with WHICH historical genius? What to expect when expecting your second vaccine does, and more!
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E19 - Tina's Turner & Burner


    This week on the pod we discuss the one, the only Tina Turner. From her days as Nutbush's Ana Mae Bullock to her golden years as Zurich's Queen Of Rock to her newly minted status as a Dame Of Documentary. This episode will have you wondering, "What's Love Got To Do With It?" Hint: EVERYTHING!!
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

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  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E18 - Wild Orchid


    Spring has sprung and the party has just begun! In this short but sweet episode, the girls discuss their favorite flowers of nature & nurture. From the story of Brandon's near-death & Morning Glory to Fergie's Wild Orchard foray. This one will have you itching with anticipation so grab allergy pills and just chill.    
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E17 - Busy, Booked & Blessed


    This week, Brandon & Andrew aren’t too busy, booked and/or blessed to tease you with tea about Mean Girls’ uncontested spot at the top of the iconic teen comedy pyramid, Brandon’s yearbook quote, Andrew’s freakish vaccine side-effects, the “Coming 2 America” reboot, Demi Lovato’s recent coming-out, why Oasis’ “Wonderwall” sucks and why the Catholic school system needs to be abolished and aborted.
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E16 - Vaccine & The Queen


    In an episode that would make Oprah themself go "... ... ... ... what?", this week Brandon and Andrew get real about their shared anxiety about writing, multiple personalities and alter-ego's and the Juno awards... PLUS - Andrew shares his story about getting a surplus COVID vaccine and the boys decompress and then recompress Oprah's interview with Meghan and Harry.
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E15 - Fefe Dobson


    “Fefe where you at?” A now semi-iconic quote in the queer Canadian canon uttered by our very own Brandon. But, also a legitimate question that’s answered in the episode. From the comparisons to Avril Lavigne to the unfairness of the music scene.  We find out how this sonorous Scarbarian went from karaoke cover artist to cult-pop punk icon. If you don’t like it? Bye Bye Boyfriend!
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E14 - Ready Or Not


    Ready or Not? This week on the pod we drift further and further from the light of god! From witchcraft to working the shaft, Brandon & Andrew talk about it all while going balls to the wall! Find out which 00’s R&B diva got Brandon’s Pretty Girl Block and hear about Andrew’s year-long slumber at Humber and his haunts with former tween Canadian celebutantes. What will your mother say?
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E13 - Gorilla Glue Girl


    A day late and several dollars short, COME for Brandon's play-by-play of his star turn as T+e W##knd on venerated Canadian institution 22 Minutes; STAY for Andrew's account on moving into a new apartment in LA; finally, settle in for a rousing debate about whether or not Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown, is or is not an idiot!
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E12 - Africville


    You may think Canada is woke. But this week on the pod, we snatch that cloak and give you the true tea folks! In honor of Black history month, Brandon tells the story of Africville, a little-known Black seaside settlement his ancestors descended from on Canada's east coast that was destroyed by racism. Heavy? Yes. But, so is Brandon and you still love him.
  • Sittin' Up In Our Room podcast

    S01 E11 - The Todd Masterson Interview


    He's 7 Foot 2, he wants to dance with you and he's sophisticated fun! He's got a hairy chest, yeah he's the best, and he's our first celebrity guest! Who could it be? The one, the only, Todd Masterson a.k.a viral Instagram star @GayFatFriend. This week the boys discuss body positivity and how this king of comedy went from St. Louis open mics to seeing his name in LA lights as a writer for Joan Rivers and RuPaul's Drag Race!

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