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Kate Stewart

Come and join the Sisterhood HQ. A place to learn, to share, to Grow. We will be interviewing leading business woman from across the globe to get the ins and outs, the highs and lows of their business journeys. You will gain confidence, get motivated and discover a clear path to making your dreams a reality.

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  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ - with Danniella Westbrook


    Renowned actress Danniella Westbrook discusses becoming a child star at just nine years old to being propelled into stardom as Sam Mitchell on EastEnders. Danniella also discusses her battles with addiction and sexual abuse, to her ongoing journey to recovery.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ - Nicola Byrne


    Nicola is a serial entrepreneur, starting off as a barmaid she built her empire with her best friend whilst working full time. From a small beauty salon to building a brand and chain of stores. She brought us the first children’s beauty salon and tells us of the deal with River Island that covid has put on hold ! Instead of letting the current pandemic get the better of her she’s been busy working and is ready is launch a brand new Beauty Acadamy which offers fully funded courses ! Find Nic on Instagram @talesfromtwinlife and @urbancalmcityspa.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

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  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Izabella Levey


    Izabella Levey, also known as the “Money Mentor’’ supports service based entrepreneurs in scaling their income via result driven strategies. Izabella’s mission is simple and shines through everything that she does: to elevate the wealth of women entrepreneurs and empower them to reach their ultimate financial freedom & fulfilment. Izabella has collectively supported her clients in generating over 2+ MILLION in new revenue in the past 3 years. Izabella’s mentorship is said to be similar to having a secret silent partner as she supports her clients behind the scenes so they can shine on scene. She has a blissful blend of strategy and soul which has her clients step into their next level. Izabella is a well respected Money Mentor and expert whose work has touched hundreds of business owners around the world. Follow her on Instagram at @izabellalevey (She loves connecting personally with her people so feel free to send her a DM with your biggest takeaway from the interview) Visit her website on : Email her at : [email protected]
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ - Geniene Azalea


    Free spirit, energy healer and freedom of rights activist Geniene Azalea tells sisterhood HQ how she packed up her busy life in the world of PR to follow her dreams and calling into spiritual healing. She explains the importance of meditation and healing in order to be the best version of ourselves. Find us on Instagram and Facebook @sisterhood_hq.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with LIz Forshaw


    In this episode we talk to brain trainer and Life couch Liz Forshaw about how she embarked on her journey from fashion shows to retraining Brains. She tells us how she grew up in foster care, tried to take her own life to becoming an advocate for people’s mental well-being.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Sallie Axl


    Sallie Axl - Big Brother star, glamour model and TV personality - reveals all about her tumultuous life.... the highs, the lows and everything in between. She talks motherhood, past relationships, reality TV and delves into her new Only Fans career as well as her approach to mental health and how one video destroyed her whole world.  She is fighting to get her babies back and to show the world she is a true warrior queen.  
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Kacie Lea Lynch


    In this episode our host Kate Stewart talks to 18 year old international DJ Kacie Lea Lynch to discover how she went straight from the classroom to flying all over the globe to DJ. She also shares with us the importance of securing our social media as she was targeted by a hacker and how covid has impacted her career. She’s a shining example to young women that anything is possible.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Tanya Bardsley


    In this episode Kate Stewart chats with the queen of our screens, Real housewives of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley about her journey from a single mum working in a call centre to a FHM cover girl and a footballers wife in 5 years. All through positive thinking.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Rebecca Ferguson


    In this weeks episode our host Kate Stewart talks to singer/songwriter Rebecca Ferguson about her journey on X factor, being catapulted into stardom and being a young mum. She tells us the highs and lows of being in the public eye.
  • Sisterhood HQ podcast

    Sisterhood HQ with Kate Stewart


    In this episode your host Kate Stewart introduces herself and tells us her journey and who she is and why she has created sisterhood HQ.  From being sacked to working as an Elf (yes really) we find out what has made her the person she is today. 

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