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The Seeking Excellence Podcast is here to inspire you to take responsibility for every area of your life. We want to push you to reach your full potential as the person you were created to be. We will provide you with the purpose, direction, and motivation needed to help you to truly live a life of faith-focused, well-rounded personal growth. Our commitment is to consistently produce content that is real, insightful, inspirational, and practical. The purpose of everything we do is to get you to move in the direction that leads to your fulfilled potential. Find out more at

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    Ep 103 | Investing In Yourself


    This isn't some nonsensical rant about the importance of self-care, self-love, and/or self-prioritization. This is about doing the things that are necessary for bettering yourself for the sake of those around you. Giving of yourself until your totally drained and wasted isn't good for you or the ones you love and serve.  It's tempting to sacrifice what's best what seems good right now. A huge part of leading yourself (and leading others) is being able to rationally assess the circumstances in your life and decide what's needed most. Giving up the things that help us seek excellence, such as prayer, reading, exercise, budgeting, etc. for the sake of filling our emotional needs or those of others isn't a virtuous decision.  Don't be nice and mediocre. Be disciplined and excellent!  Be your best. 
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    Ep 102 | Delayed Gratification


    We all know some people who just seek to immediately fill every desire they have. Perhaps, we even find ourselves grabbing that extra donut or spending some extra money when we really don't need to.  Delayed gratification is one of the greatest marks of a mature man or woman. Do you have the ability and discipline to hold off on what you want now in order to have a better, healthier, wealthier, and holier future? What holds you back from doing so?  Learn about all this and more in this episode with Nathan!  To find our complete resource guide with books that will help you grow in every area of life, click here! Resources mentioned in this episode: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki  Grant Cardone (find him on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram)
  • Seeking Excellence podcast

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  • Seeking Excellence podcast

    Ep 101 | A Deep Dive into Spiritual Warfare w/ Fr Casey Jones


    A conversation with Fr. Casey Jones, the Pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Naples, Florida about the reality of spiritual warfare.  We discuss popular forms of Spiritual Warfare that people face today such as physical temptations, the presence of evil spirits, the embodiment of evil in our society, and the popularization of a number of different heresies.  Are you wondering what you can do to remain spiritually healthy and battle for good in this world?? Then this one is for you!  Check out Fr. Casey's parish YouTube channel here! 
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    Ep 100 | Our Lady of La Leche w/ Josie Kuhlman


    Follow us on IG @seeking365 !  Resources mentioned:
  • Seeking Excellence podcast

    Ep 99 | Five Steps to a Strong Fourth Quarter in 2021


    Seeking Excellence obviously requires intentionality and goal setting, but that's not enough. You also have to finish what you set out to do.  Many people have given up on their goals for their year. Actually, many people have given up on their goals for their lives. But this doesn't have to be you! In today episode, I break down the things you need to do in order to hit some goals to finish out 2021 and build some serious momentum going into 2022.  Be sure to go sign up for our newsletter here! Follow Seeking Excellence @seeking365 and me @ncrank23. Be your best!
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    Ep 98 | Anti-Mary Exposed w/ Carrie Gress


    You know we like to bring the heat, which is why we had to get Carrie Gress on the podcast! Carrie wrote one of my favorite books of all time:  Anti-Mary Exposed:  Rescuing the culture from toxic femininity She is such an amazing example of the Catholic faith in action, boldly charging forward in some of the most controversial and intimidating battlegrounds. Carrie and I had a great discussion on the book, what's changed in her life since writing it, her experience with being censored and canceled, toxic feminism, and so much more! Carrie shares the reality of what's causing so much division, pain, and hatred in our world today. We believe the world needs to encounter the truth in regards to what is making them miserable. If you agree, please share this episode with others! You can learn more about Carrie here! Be sure to go and follow Carrie @carrie.gress Buy your copy of this life-changing book here! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review and share it on social media! It does a TON to help us spread our message!
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    Ep 97 | Improving Mental Health Despite Our Troubling Times by Josie Kuhlman w/ Monica St. George


    How does our mind and mental health affect our spirituality? How can we find true joy in the present moment? Learn more about how to have a healthier mind, body, and soul! Josie chats with Monica St. George, who works in mental health counseling.  Follow Monica on Instagram @monicastgeorge Resources: Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence The Mindful Catholic by Greg Botarro
  • Seeking Excellence podcast

    Ep 96 | Why You Need More Mary In Your Life w/ Joshua Mazrin


    Joshua Mazrin is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Bachelors and Masters in Theology. He also serves as Director of Evangelization for the Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida. Joshua has been involved with recording talks for Augustine Institute presents Lighthouse Catholic Media, writing theology curriculum for the Diocese of Brooklyn in New York, and out giving talks at conferences. He has spoken at Diocesan-level conferences including Evangelization, Men’s conferences, Apologetics, and Scripture, as well as material for Catholic programs on iHeart Radio. Joshua and Nathan have a great conversation around the importance of developing a strong relationship with Mary and the Holy Spirit. Follow Josh @jmazzy17 to learn more! 
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    Ep 95 | Conversion, Discernment, and Suffering w/ Michael Shaneyfelt


    Michael Shaneyfelt is a man of both great intensity and great kindness. He intentionally chose to turn away from the things of the world at a young age, leading him to a serious period of discerning joining one of the most difficult religious communities.  In today's episode, you'll hear how he wrestled with finding God's will for his life.  Follow Michael on IG @mikeshaney31 and check out some of the great work he is doing @excorde.benedictine !  Follow us @seeking365 and BE SURE to go check out our new list of resources to help YOU seek excellence in your own life 
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    Ep 94 | The War on Women (And how it affects men) w/ Emily Harpole and Bella Bryant


    Abortion, the pill, no fault divorce - these things are said to be the great liberators of women. But they were all popularized and driven by men. They have objectively created a secular and weaker society. How did we get here? And what can we do about it now?  Why should we care?  In this episode, we cover all this PLUS share stories of sexual temptation, abuse, and struggle. This is a real, honest look at the way the sexual revolution has negatively impacted us personally and society as a whole. Follow Bella on IG @isabellaaabryant and check out her ministry @restorelove_  Follow Emily @emily.marie.harpole and SE @seeking365 Check out our new swag and recent book, podcast, and other recommendations at

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