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RENEWables #45: Grasping the Electricity Markets, Price Increases & the Impact of Crypto

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Did you know electric power is the largest operating cost for cryptocurrency miners? Therefore, miners with the lowest power costs will have the highest margins and be in the best position to capture profits whether network hash rates rise or fall.

On this episode of RENEWables, we sat down with Andrew Barth, Partner and Co-founder of CSD Energy Advisors, to understand the impacts of the crypto space and how the energy management firm uses market knowledge to guide their clients into smarter decision making, reducing costs and improving their energy management strategies for the long haul. Barth combines fifteen years of industry experience, customer service, and technology to provide client based solutions. His areas of expertise are in the planning and sourcing of commodity procurement strategies, risk management, and the development of efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Tune in and subscribe.

Show Notes:
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