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What Has Happened Since the October 17 Revolution?

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On October 17 2019, Lebanese people from all sects and all regions took to the streets to protest against decades of poor governance. But what has happened since then? This episode looks back on the last 14 months to see what has changed and what has not in Lebanon since the revolution.


In this episode, we also mention two initiatives that we want to support. 

26 Letters School is a small initiative with an amazing story. We will be interviewing them so you will hear it soon but check out their website to read more about them and to support a family:


Safa, a Lebanese artist living in Australia is one of Amer's students who has started an online initiative called We Dream for Lebanon.

In Safa's words: 'Witnessing all that has happened in Lebanon and not being able to be there physically, I created an online survey for Lebanese citizens, expats, diaspora and anyone else who cares about Lebanon to share their input on how we might imagine our perfect Lebanon.' 

The survey is conducted through the website -  The answers are sent to her email and then shared on the website and on the Instagram page (@wedreamforlebanon)


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