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Brie Stockwell on concious creativity and thoughts on sharing our work

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Brie Stockwell is a photographer, confidence coach and lifelong creative.  Join Margaret as they chat about the benefits of sharing their creative work

Whilst both enjoy spending time to reflect and create solo, they explore the value of having 'pockets' of people whose feedback and encouragement is vital. Listen whilst they discuss Brene Brown's Square Squad  and having a small group whom you respect and whose opinions matter.

They explore how Brie's coaching is very important to her and how she encourages her clients to become more conscious and  motivated, thus empowering them to make decisions..  Sustainability  creativity!

The concept of Brie's new Podcast, Wild Women in Photography, supports and  celebrates women in photography. She loves to record  their 'stories'.

This discussion gives a fascinating insight into these two creatives' minds.

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