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Anni Townend encourages us to walk and have 'mini adventures' each day

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Anni Townend is a Leadership Partner, Coach and Mentor to Executive Teams and Senior Leaders, as well as being an Author, Facilitator, and Entrepreneur and Podcast Host of Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend.

Join Margaret  as they talk about the benefits of walking and talking. Anni explains that walking is one of the ways in which she renews herself and this has always been a criteria for her when deciding where she lives.

They further explore  the equation of creativity, collaboration and conversation. A really inspirational chat which shouldn't be missed as it emphasises the importance of finding an outdoor activity which resonates with each of us.  Finding cracks and crevices in our busy lives to take time to stop is crucial.

Anni advocates taking small pauses every day and reading!  Listen in to hear how to greet each day as a mini adventure!

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