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157. How to Position Yourself As the #1 Trusted Practice In Your Community with Brent Stutzman

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In this episode of the Private Practice Elevation podcast, host Daniel Fava interviews Brent Stutzman on how to position yourself as the number one trusted therapy practice in your area. 


With around seven years of experience, Brent ventured into the marketing realm when his wife, a therapist, decided to start her own private practice. 


His journey began with branding and marketing, which he mastered through self-learning due to budget constraints. He successfully launched 'Kid Matters Counseling' with his wife, achieving a waiting list status before its onset. 


Eventually, Brent expanded his expertise to help other therapists establish and grow their practices, learning the critical importance of positioning as a trusted authority in the market. He also has launched TheraSaas, a powerful CRM for private practices.


His work is significantly impacted by the StoryBrand framework, which he has adeptly applied to launch over twelve practices across the country. As a certified Storybrand Guide, Brent emphasizes the power of storytelling and how therapists can become trusted guides for their clients. 


Brent states that this transition - moving from YOU being the center of your marketing to having your clients be the hero - has the potential to help take your marketing to a new level of success.


In this episode, Brent provides five steps to establish yourself as a guide, including demonstrating empathy, providing a sense of safety, demonstrating authority, illuminating the problem, providing a plan, and calling the hero to action. 


Tune in to learn how to position yourself as the go-to practice in your community.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The brain's role in survival and calorie conservation - and what this means for your marketing

  • The Importance of clear and simple communication to engage potential clients

  • The importance of storytelling in building trust and positioning oneself as a guide for your ideal clients

  • The shift from telling your own story to inviting clients into a story where they are the hero

  • The need for clear and simple communication to capture and maintain attention

  • Brent’s five steps to establish trust and position oneself as a guide

  • Examples of guides in literature and movies, such as Dumbledore in Harry Potter and Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

  • Brent Stutzman highlights the importance of guides demonstrating empathy and providing a sense of safety

  • How to be the guide while still demonstrating authority and expertise

  • Brent Stutzman shares how to position yourself as a guide.

  • Website and copywriting tips to position yourself as a guide and call your clients to action

  • The ultimate transformation in your marketing: when heroes become guides

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