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153. Using Paid Ads to Grow Your Private Practice with Joshua Brummel

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In this episode of the Private Practice Elevation podcast, host Daniel Fava sits down with Joshua Brummel, co-founder of Therapy Flow, to delve into the intricacies of using paid ads to elevate private practices.


The conversation kicks off with a glimpse into Joshua's background and how Therapy Flow evolved from a marketing agency into a specialized service for therapists. The company now offers a "done for you" practice development program that focuses on implementing digital strategies like Google Ads and Facebook ads, along with a HIPAA-compliant CRM system.


Their discussion covers crucial elements for success in paid advertising, emphasizing the importance of a website that converts traffic effectively. 


They highlight the need for clear tracking mechanisms to gauge the return on investment (ROI) from ads. Joshua stresses the significance of having a solid sales process in place before diving into paid advertising to ensure that potential client inquiries translate into actual conversions.


The conversation extends to the expectations from the initial phase of running paid ad campaigns. They spotlight the learning period of 3-7 days where data acquisition occurs, advising patience and observation before making adjustments. They also explore the calculation of ROI from ads, emphasizing the importance of understanding the lifetime value of a client to accurately gauge the success of ad campaigns.


Joshua emphasizes that while paid ads require meticulous attention to detail, they can serve as a powerful growth accelerator for practices, offering a rapid influx of inquiries and clients when managed effectively. He presents paid ads as a "dial experience," a tool that allows practices to control and intensify their referral volumes swiftly, complementing long-term strategies like SEO.


In conclusion, the episode emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between long-term strategies like SEO and short-term boosts from paid ads, advocating for a strategic balance between the two for sustained practice growth.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The big picture of paid ads and user intent.

  • Evolution and competition in paid ad platforms.

  • Joshua Brummel's experience with managing ad spend.

  • Recommended starting budget for Google Ads for therapy practices.

  • Using Facebook and Instagram ads for lower budgets.

  • Importance of having a website that converts before investing.

  • Importance of website conversion for successful Google ads

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of ads and sales process

  • New, more, better framework for website and ads

  • Learning period of 3-7 days for ads

  • Tracking conversions and intake process for success

  • Google ads work best for practices with existing clients

  • Calculating return on investment for ads

  • Determining lifetime value of therapy clients to determine ad budget

  • Ads as a profitable source for consistent client acquisition

  • How paid ads can provide a quick return on investment for therapy practices

  • Technical details of running ads can be complex and time-consuming

  • How using both paid ads and SEO can provide stability and growth

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