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147. Strategies For Marketing a Holistic Therapy Practice with Chris McDonald

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In this episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, we will explore the journey of Chris McDonald, a licensed therapist and holistic practitioner, as she built her private practice. 


We will delve into the challenges she faced, the strategies she employed, and the impact of integrating holistic modalities into her therapy work with clients.


Chris embarked on a journey to build a holistic therapy practice after leaving her job as a school counselor. With a passion for holistic modalities and a desire to integrate them into her practice, Chris set out to build a private practice that would cater to clients seeking a different approach to therapy, as well as fulfilling her own passions.


Listen to her journey about how she created a practice that was authentic to her and the strategies she uses to market her holistic therapy practice.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How networking and consultation groups can provide a stream of referrals in your holistic therapy practice

  • How incorporating holistic modalities into therapy can attract clients who are seeking a different approach

  • The importance of your website’s about page and how you can talk about what you do in a way that helps you stand out from other therapists

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