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520. Noir's Urban Shadows, Episode 1

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EPISODE SUMMARY Hello and welcome to Noir’s adventure through Magpie Games Urban Shadows 2nd edition! A wizard with a wayward ward, an infernal businessman, a werewolf, a knight sworn to establish order, and so much more awaits you in this adventure. Hope you’re ready for it! CHECK OUT URBAN SHADOWS! Click here to star your own Urban Shadows Adventure! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Get some awesome games! James D’Amato as Kazoodle Twitter: Check out what James is up to! Eric Campbell as Ziggy Twitter: Check out what Erics up to! Stella Luna as Astrid   Twitter: Check out what Stella’s up to! Anita as Gideon Twitter: Check out what Anita is up to! Sam De Leve as FoxGlove Twitter: Check out what what Sam is up to! Noir as STORYTELLER and HOST Editing and sound design by Tracy Barnett. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Maui United Way is Changing Lives for the Better. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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