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518. Renee Rhodes' Animon Story, Episode Three

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EPISODE SUMMARY In the continuation of our Animon Story game, run by auditioning host Renee Rhodes, the kids learn that people around them are being affected by the Animon world of dreams. To save their sleeping loved ones and their Animon, they must first gain an audience with the powerful King of Beasts. And the King does not welcome them. This one shot is part of our audition series to find a new host. There will be an accompanying listener survey released with each series—and Renee’s is available now! Let us know what you think of the auditioning hosts! Content warning: perpetual sleep (people who are unable to wake up) SHOW NOTES GET THE ULTIMATE RPG CAMPFIRE CARD DECK! More excellent game content from James! Go buy it! SUPPORT COURIER'S CALL SEASON THREE! Find the Kickstarter page here! ---------------------------------- This episode features the TTRPG ANIMON STORY by Zak Barough! Buy this tabletop RPG about kids and their monster friends, inspired by Saturday morning cartoons like Pokémon and Digimon: Zak’s Twitter: James D’Amato as MAXIMILLIAN (the Loner) The Ultimate RPG Campfire Card Deck: Kienna Shaw as MINERVA (the Little Kid) Website: Itchio: Twitter: Bluesky: Bee Zelda as ALASKA (the Free Spirit) Website: Projects: Pekoe Early Access & Paris Gondo Socials & Drakoniques as IKEMBA (the Delinquent) Website: Twitter: Threads: Beyond the Brook Kickstarter (an Over the Garden Wall inspired actual play): Renee Rhodes as STORYTELLER and HOST Website: Editing and sound design by Tracy Barnett. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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