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515. Superdillin's Critters & Concrete, Episode Three

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EPISODE SUMMARY Everything comes to a head as the bar is about to be demolished! EPISODE NOTES PLEASE GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK! Let us know what you thought about Dillin's audition series! CHECK OUT CRITTERS & CONCRETE! Go buy this really cool game! GET READY TO SUPPORT COURIER'S CALL SEAON THREE! Save the Kickstarter page here! 2023 CONVENTION TOUR SCHEDULE Gencon, August 3rd-6th, Indianapolis IN How to get your friends into RPGs Tursday 1:00, ICC : 244 The RPG Game Show, Friday 3:00, Wenstin Grand V System Mastery Live, Friday 4:00, Marriott : Tennessee Illimat with One Shot, Friday 10:00 PM, ICC 144-145 Skyjacks: Live, Saturday 7:00, Crowne Plaza : Hay Market A Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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