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A behind-the-scenes podcast about how change happens. One Billion features a tiny team with a big ambition: to positively impact one billion people on the planet.

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    4x11 - Surprise, Surpise


    We entered into this Season determined to find a way to navigate the phase change we're experiencing without losing sight of our mission and our values. After diving deeply into the hearts and minds of every member of the Civilla team we've landed on 3 core elements of our culture that must not change as we grow and evolve. But we know it's not that simple. Tune in...
  • One Billion podcast

    4x10 - Pass the mic


    Rachel has guided our audio voyage through two seasons of One Billion. In this episode our host transitions from being the interviewer to being the interviewee. She shares her own story of learning about design thinking, becoming a professional designer, and landing a place on the Civilla team. Amidst all the change going on in Civilla, Rachel's advice to the team is to share what's actually going on inside each of us.
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    4x9 - Stay Close to the Knitting


    While every member of the Civilla team has left fingerprints on the organization, Civilla would not exist without Michael Brennan. By title, he is our CEO, but his impact extends far beyond the four walls of the studio. His story helps us understand how Civilla grew from a seed of an idea to an organization rooted in values, real relationships, and deep work, and his reflections provide tangible advice we can all learn from.
  • One Billion podcast

    4x8 - Believe in Yourself (and Practice)


    Since childhood, Scott put all his eggs in one basket: he was going to be an artist. And no one or nothing could stop him. While today, he's living that dream at Civilla, he'll be the first to tell you the journey was all but direct. In this episode, Scott illustrates how his confidence, conviction, and open-mind have helped him to take the phase changes he's experienced in stride. And he encourages us all to do the same.
  • One Billion podcast

    The 2nd Quasi-Annual Civilla Reunion


    In this interlude, we go behind-the-scenes with 6 individuals who have a unique, but critically important perspective on the phase change we're navigating: over the last 3.5 years, they've each lent their time and talent to Civilla. As a result, they have a deep understanding of our culture. However, they also have an outside perspective on they change that's occurring - today, the live and work in cities and organizations around the world. Tune in to hear their provocative stories and powerful advice.  
  • One Billion podcast

    4x6 - You Have to Show Up


    What in an organization should stay constant amidst change? What should evolve? This week, we dive into these questions with the one and only: Gaby Dorantes. Since Civilla's early days, Gaby has helped to steward our mission into the world. And while she may describe herself as risk-averse, she took a leap of faith to join the team at a time when the organization's future was fuzzy at best. Tune in to hear how she's helping us stay focused on what matters most, while also challenging herself to grow.
  • One Billion podcast

    4x5 - The Priority


    This week, we dive deep into Rachael's journey of self-discovery. In her interview, she illustrates the power of investing in our whole selves, rather than just the people we are at work. Then, she challenges us to face a growing tension: the tension between our insatiable desire to grow as individuals, while also maintaining health as our top priority.
  • One Billion podcast

    4x4 - Into the Mind of an Activator


    If you need help jump starting a project, Adam's your guy. However, this phase change is challenging him to think differently about how to leverage this superpower here at Civilla. In this episode we explore both the beauty of Adam's strength as an activator, and its shadows. He leaves us with a powerful point of view about how to create synergy between an organization's growth and the growth of its team members.
  • One Billion podcast

    4x3 - Learning to Fly


    Meet Sam: a designer, a researcher, a policy maker, a data guru, and a project manager. His role at Civilla has grown exponentially since he joined the team full time. But he'll be the first to tell you that when he came to Civilla, he didn't have many of these skills. So how has he grown so quickly? Tune in to hear Sam's first hand account of his journey, and the lessons he's learned along the way.
  • One Billion podcast

    4x2 - Stepping Into Design Leadership


    This week, we hear from Lena Selzer, one of Civilla's founding team members. She walks us into the heart of her journey as the organization's Design Director: the ups, the downs, and the lessons she's learned along the way. She leaves us with a powerful provocation about how to step into the future without losing sight of what's important.

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