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Of Sleights and Men is ALL about thinking differently; the more we learn, the more interesting and innovative our magic is. We bring on magicians (and other assorted guests) and ask them questions, in a relaxed setting, we guarantee you've never heard before. This podcast is brought to you by The Daily Magician. Visit thedailymagician.com for more daily magic.

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  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    WOJ Magic - How to get 21+ MILLION views on TikTok


    In this episode, we interview Chris Wojtowich/WOJ Magic about how he blew up on TikTok with his revolutionary Laserdisc magic.  This was a really fun podcast, and an incredible insight into the digital world of magic we often overlook!  If you'd like to get your hands on more from Chris, you can head over to this link:  https://thedailymagician.com/woj-magic    
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    PigCake - Youtuber, Creator and Comedian


    If you've been around in magic as long as we have, you've probably heard of PigCake at some point.  He's infamous for his satirical take on magic, and provocative videos that have often had the magic community 'up in arms.'  Personally, we find him to be a MASSIVE breath of fresh air when you've got a little too deep into magic and massively loved having him on our podcast.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it, check out PigCake's Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/PigCakee
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

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  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Dan Ulin - Genii Columnist, Mentor, and Magic Castle Board Member


    Dan Ulin is one of our favorite magicians... ...as you might know, everything we do at The Daily Magician is about helping magicians think differently, and when it comes to said task, there's no one who does it better than Dan. Dan Ulin has decades of experience in magic and is connected to some of the greatest magicians on earth.  We loved this podcast, and hope you will too! 
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Ryan Plunkett - Modern Magic, Classic Style


    If you haven’t heard about him, here are a few things you should know:  Ryan Plunkett is a Chicago-based magician who has been performing for the past two decades.  Ryan is a founding ensemble member as well as a regular performer of the Chicago Magic Lounge. Ryan has published three books on the art of magic and is a regular performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Pretty much, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, Ryan Plunkett performs professional magic.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be a professional performer, listen below!  Check out his website here: https://ryanplunkett.com/
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    John Gaspard - A Very Magical Author Indeed...


    John Gaspard is the author of the Eli Marks mystery series which features a magician as the protagonist.  While John is by no means a professional magician, I think it's safe to safe he's OBSESSED with magic by way of an occupational hazard.  This was an amazing podcast, as we love both magic and literature--and John combines the two perfectly. Check out his books and podcast here: https://www.elimarksmysteries.com/  
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Ken Dyne - Exceptional Mentalist and Expert Marketer


    Ken Dyne is a British mentalist who’s been performing for over 17 years. And just ONE of his claims to fame is he has one of the most bought Penguin Magic lectures—ever. Ken also has a client list that includes people like Yahoo, Proctor, and Gamble, and his book Bairn was named Best Mentalism Product of 2014. To learn more about him go here: https://shop.mentalunderground.com/
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Matt Baker - Math Whiz and Magic Mastermind


    Matt Baker is a Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean at Georgia Tech College of Sciences. He has won awards for his use of magic in the classroom and was voted greater Atlanta area magician of the year. He's very inventive and his ideas have been published in many major publications such as Genii. He is also the author of the incredibly successful magic book: The Buena Vista Shuffle Club.  You can check out his website here: https://www.mattbakermagic.com/  
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Andrew Frost (@SleightlyObsessed) - Original, Generous and Just Way Too Good at Card Magic!


    Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed) is a card magician who specializes in sleight of hand. We've known him for a while and become good friends and were beyond excited to welcome him onto our podcast.  He has experience creating original products, consulting for some of the biggest names in magic AND knows what it takes to run a quality membership.  To support him directly, head here to his Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/sleightlyobsessed
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Christian Grace - Creator, Visionary and the Perfect English Gentleman


    Christian Grace is a London-based magician who made a quick rise to magic fame for his two best-selling effects 'Pluck' and 'Level One.'  But that's not all he's done, and like everything almost else, his story is far more deep and interesting than the overnight success it might appear to be on the offset.  We loved talking to Christian! The man is a creator, visionary, and on top of all that - A Perfect Gent.  To check out his membership, go here: https://gumroad.com/a/531698803/EgKyq   
  • Of Sleights and Men podcast

    Jeff Copeland - Make Beautiful Magic


    Jeff Copeland was on a mission to find the perfect copper coin to match the size and feel of a US Morgan silver dollar. When he couldn’t find it, he made it. And that was the beginning of Copeland Coins. In this episode of the podcast, we talk to the founder of the stunning coin company - Copeland Coins.  Jeff Copeland is a friend, creator, and knows what it takes to be a professional magician.  In this episode we had a fantastic discussion, touching on topics as niche as christian magic and as basic as good practice techniques.  If you want to learn more about Copeland Coins, go here: https://www.copelandcoins.com/

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