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Episode 73 - Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was the front man of grunge group Nirvana that was formed in 1987. Cobain married Courtney Love in 1992 and the 2 went on to have a child, Frances Bean Cobain in 1992.

The beginning of April 1994 Cobain escaped from a rehab facility by jumping the fence and made his way to his Lake Washington Boulevard home. Kurt's body was found on April 8th by an electrician who had come to install a security system. Was this a suicide or murder?

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Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck - Documentary


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    The Pike County shootings occurred on the night of April 21–22, 2016, when eight people – all belonging to the Rhoden family – were shot and killed in four homes in Pike County, Ohio, near the village of Peebles, 50 miles from Columbus and 60 miles from Cincinnati. Their bodies were found later on April 22. Listen now as we discuss this terrible tragedy and who was brought to justice for these crimes. Sources --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 82 - Happy Face Killer


    January 21, 1990 23 year old Taujna Bennet was reported missing in Portland, OR. One day later her body was found beside the Old Columbia River highway by Columbia River Gorge.  She had been brutally beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled to death. It wasn't long before a 58-year old woman Laverne Pavlinac came forward to tell police her boyfriend John Sosnovske was bragging about killing Taunja in a local bar. After speaking to the police several times and changing her story, Lauverne implicated herself as being the one who helped John strangle Taujna and both were tried and  and sentenced for her murder. Graffiti in men's restrooms started showing up with someone else claiming to have murdered Taujna... Had Laverne & John really not committed the murder? Listen now to the Happy Face Killer. Sources ABC 20/20 Episode --- Send in a voice message:
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  • Mystery History Podcast podcast

    Episode 81 - Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories


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    Episode 80 - Brownella Cottage


    Brownella Cottage is located in Galion, Ohio and was named the 7th most haunted location in Ohio in 2020. This cottage was home to William Bishop Brown, his wife Ella Brown, and Ella's aunt Mary Stanford Bradford who built the structure. Bishop Brown developed an interest in science, astronomy, and communism and a trial was held charging him with heresy from the Episcopal church.  While waiting on the verdict, Bishop Brown was offered a place in the Old Catholic Church and was consecrated as Bishop in his study located on the Brownella property. Bishop, Ella, and Mary are all said to haunt the cottage and Allison, Rachel, and friends did a paranormal investigation there in October 2021. Listen now to hear the history of Bishop Brown, the cottage, and the findings of the investigation. Barry & Kathy Moneysmith --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 78 - Ten Halloween Mysteries


    Here are 10 mysteries that happened on or near Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year! Have a safe and happy Halloween! Sources 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Happened On Halloween by Robin Warder --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 77 - Salem Witch Trials


    The Salem Witch trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 until 1693 during the witchcraft craze. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft and 20 of these people were executed. Listen to discover more about the Salem Witch Trials and what modern science tells us about what they believe was really happening.  Episode 77 - Salem Witch trials AVALIABLE NOW!!! --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 75 - Ira Einhorn - The Unicorn Killer


    Ira Einhorn was Philadelphia, PA's head hippie in the 60's and became a leading voice in the counterculture movement.  Aside from Einhorn's political and social views, he also had a darker side who was a womanizer and violent.   Einhorn had a five-year relationship with Holly Maddux until in 1977, after suffering enough abuse, she broke up with Einhorn and left everything behind, moving to NYC.  Maddux came back to retrieve her belongings but then disappeared before heading back to NYC.   After 18 months of searching, Maddux's body was discovered in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment.  He claimed she was killed by the CIA or KGB and was placed in his apartment to frame him for murder.   Listen now to find out what happened to Einhorn in the death of Holly Maddux.   Sources wikipedia --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 74 - Brenda Spencer - America's First School Shooter


    Brenda Spencer was America's first school shooter in 1979 when she gunned down children and staff at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, CA killing 2 and injuring 8 others.  Brenda was 16 at the time and when she was asked why she committed the shooting she said "I don't like Monday's." Dive in with us as we discuss Brenda and why she really committed the atrocities of that day and where she is now. Sources SUBSEQUENT PAROLE CONSIDERATION HEARING ( - parole hearing statement from 2009. --- Send in a voice message:

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