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    Magi Fisher #77


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This episode features Magi Fisher. She is a lawyer and wedding photographer. We talk about different legal topics related to contracts, legal best practices, and copyright issues. If you need new contracts for your business, visit her site at for amazing contract templates to get you started quickly!
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    John Dolan #76


    This interview features John Dolan. He has his first monograph releasing in the Fall of 2021 featuring his images at weddings from the last 25 years. Order 'The Perfect Imperfect' here: https://john-dolan-photographer-inc.s... John Dolan has woven a career of advertising, editorial, and fine art photography. He is a recognized leader in contemporary wedding photography. Wedding clients include magazine art directors and editors, as well as celebrity clients Will Smith, Ben Stiller, Kate Bosworth, Bridget Moynahan, and most recently, Gwyneth Paltrow. John's Website - Follow John on Instagram - HTTPs://
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    KT Merry - #75


    KT Merry is a luxury and destination wedding photographer with a passion for animal conservation. Her images are soft, romantic, and fashionable. After assisting some of the top fashion photographers in the world, she ventured out on her own and has carved out a long, sustainable career serving wedding and commercial clients. Web - Education - Fine Art Prints - Instagram -
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    Shane Gross - Episode #74


    Shane Gross is a Canadian marine conservation photojournalist. His childhood passion for sharks has grown into a love for everything that lives underwater. Telling long-form narratives about the ocean and human's impact on her, both positive and negative, are what drive him. HTTP:// HTTP:// Emerging League Photographer with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) Multiple winner in NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Can hold breath for over 4 minutes Was once envenomated by a stone fish and rushed to hospital Eddie Adams Photojournalism Grad - 2017
  • MUSEA podcast

    Tokie Rome-Taylor - Episode #73


    Tokie Rome-Taylor is a fine art photographer and art educator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her work examines the creolization and hybridization of African cultural traditions, and those brought to the New World through portraiture. Tokie has been exhibited throughout the United States and was named a Top 50 Critical Mass Photographer in 2020. Tokie Rome-Taylor's Website - Tokie Rome-Taylor's Instagram -
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    Veronica Cotter & Hahnemühle - Episode #72


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This is episode #72 featuring Veronica Cotter who is the Education Developer and Western Region Manager for Hahnemühle USA. This episode is for the print lovers out there. We talk about the history of Hahnemühle, why their print products are some of the best in the world, and the importance of printing your work.
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    Randal Ford


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This episode features advertising and commercial photographer Randal Ford. In this episode, I chat with Randal about his new book, 'The Animal Kingdom' and what he learned while producing this project. He shares about his approach to photographing animals through portraiture, some of the amazing close encounters he had with them and the logistics involved. Randal also gives advice to photographers looking to branch out into the commercial world, his marketing approach and what keeps him motivated. Randal's Website - Randal's Instagram -
  • MUSEA podcast

    Emily Garthwaite


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This episode features Emily Garthwaite. Emily is a photographer based out of London and she travels the world focusing on street photography and photojournalistic stories around humanitarian and environmental issues. Her photographs have a rich color palette mixed with a keen eye for light. She recently co-directed her first documentary in Iraq on Arba’een, the world's largest annual pilgrimage. In 2018, the Iraq series and documentary are being exhibited internationally. Make sure to visit her website at and follwe her on Instagram at
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    Dorie Howell


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This episode features Dorie Howell who is the Co-Founder of IPS Mastermind. Dorie is a family photographer but is also helping educate photographers on running a sustainable business through selling products in-person rather than online. We talk a lot about the revival of prints and how photographers are having success selling physical products. We discuss overcoming fears, struggling with pricing and how to make the transition from Shoot and Burn to In-Person Sales. Check out for more information Support the Podcast at
  • MUSEA podcast

    Kirsten Lewis


    Welcome to the MUSEA Podcast! This episode features documentary family photographer Kirsten Lewis. In this conversation, we talk about Kirsten's approach to documenting families, how she creates images that talk about real family life, the trajectory of the family photography industry, where she's at in her upcoming photo book and what she learned from David Alan Harvey. See her website at Follow her on Instagram at Support the podcast at

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