Mum Talk Podcast podcast

Mum Talk Podcast

Emma Jaulin & Ali Bastian

Mum Talk is here for you on your journey into parenthood providing your 'nod along' and 'me too' moments plus answering all the questions we all have! For the first 13 series, Emma is joined by not only incredibly knowledgable guests, some experts in their field, but also Mums and Dads sharing their experience of pregnancy and parenthood. Emma also shares her personal journey from pregnancy to life now with two. Mum Talk is honest, real and informative.

For series 14, Emma is back with a brand new series and brand new conversation with her co-host Ali Bastian, who you may recognise from hit TV shows, Hollyoaks, The Bill and Strictly Come Dancing.

Ali and Emma are in the thick of motherhood and are here to deep dive into it all with you. Motherhood changes you as a person, physically and mentally, it seems (from personal experience)to give you the most incredible sense of purpose, self-worth and strength you didn’t know you had, whilst simultaneously leading you to question your ‘self’ and more or less everything you have ever known. Ali and Emma have one goal, as it has always been from the beginning of Mum Talk almost 5 years ago, to share in the hope no-one ever feels alone in motherhood.

Ali and Emma are here for it all, the highs, the lows, the journey that is motherhood, the realities of building a family, life, love, laughter, tears, heartbreak you name it.

Grab a cuppa or pop your headphones in and head out for a walk, join Ali and Emma for ‘hearts on sleeves’ mum talk and journey through motherhood together.

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