Probably Late To Something podcast

Probably Late To Something

Malia Schmalleger

Probably Late To Something is a safe space for young adults all over. In these episodes we will love, laugh, cry & learn without judgment. My hopes for this podcast is that anytime you listen to my voice you learn to listen to yours as well. Growing up in a world clouded by social media leaves many of us shouting just to be heard. Many of us feel alone and confused. We are so ready to be judged that we do it to ourselves. Dancing in the rain, talking to yourself and truly just not giving a fuck seems to have disappeared but I don’t want that. I want to be weird, tell my embarrassing stories, admit my faults, laugh at my mistakes! Life doesn’t have to be so heavy and you sure as heck don’t have to go through it alone. Probably Late For Something is more than just a podcast, its our home. So please stay & join the family baby! :)

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