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Surgical Preparation and Recovery

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Gynecological surgery is common during the menopausal transition. The earlier you can start preparing the better you cope with the procedure and the faster you recover.

Surgical Preparation and Recovery

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  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Healthy Homes for Healthy Hormones


    Have you considered the health of your home as being a factor in your menopausal transition and your ability to regulate your hormones? Well you should, it's a HUGE factor as your home is your biggest exposure source of hormone disruptive chemicals.  Healthy Homes for Healthy Hormones Get $20 off with promo code PODCAST, valid until 31st Jan.   From Invisible to Invincible   Previous Environmental health podcasts: #36, #61, #77, #93
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    The Magic of Menopause with Lorraine Miano


    Lorraine is a Certified Health and Hormone coach, author of the book The Magic Of Menopause, and a post menopausal women. She joins us on the podcast today to discuss her holistic guide to getting your happiness back, as well as reflecting over the year. Lorraine's links Website Instagram Facebook    
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

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  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Naturally Better Vision with Jake Steiner


    How's your eyesight? Would you like naturally better vision? Eyesight affects so much of everything in our lives:  From posture, anxiety, social behavior, happiness, our entire physical experience.  Jake Steiner has been pioneering natural myopia control for the past 20 years. Check out his work at Lasik interview
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Nourishing your Libido with Dianne Shepherd


    A common theme in midlife is lack of libido, lack of joy, anger, and disconnect. Dianne Shepherd started midlife feeling just like this but then she used her menopause transition to recreate herself. She now looks at menopause as the Passion Portal. A sexual and spiritual rebirth into the richest most creative and sexiest chapter of a women's life.  Dianne's links [email protected]   Libido article from Jen
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Menopause Made Easy with Laurie Stone


    Laurie is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Herbalist, and Certified Aromatherapist in clinical practice in the U.S. for over 11 years. She is the creator of Menopause Made Easy, a 3-part self-paced video program where she teaches you simple daily routines using acupressure and essential oils to support healthy sleep, balanced temperature, and steady moods. A firm believer that menopause is NOT a disease, Laurie loves helping women ease the transition into menopause. Menopause Made Easy Three easy things to do right now to ease your menopause.   
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Black Cohosh


    Black Cohosh has a long history of use both by Native Americans and European settlers.  For a herb with such as long history of use, it is certainly misunderstood. It is feared by some and loved by others.  Black Cohosh 
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Why Western Women Suffer The Most


    Today's podcast is a reading from my book "From Invisible to Invincible"  The Natural Menopause Revolution. Chapter 2 Why western women suffer the most   Christmas Promotion: Buy 2 books and get 1 for FREE. Previous readings on the podcast, episode 38 and 39.
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Magnesium - The Master Menopause Mineral


    Magnesium is my all-time favourite mineral for the menopausal transition. This episode starts by looking at a patient of mine.  Her main concerns included poor stress tolerance with frequent outbursts, anxiety, and depression. She had regular headaches, trouble with sleep, and painful leg cramps overnight. She was fatigued and experiencing brain fog. Learn how magnesium helped her. This episode discusses deficiency signs and symptoms, testing, types of magnesium along with cautions and contraindications. For more details about magnesium read this blog Nutrafol  use code MNS to get $15 off your first order (for US customers only)  
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Peri-menopausal Anxiety with Clarissa Kristjansson


    Menopause Expert Clarissa Kristjansson joins the podcast to chat about her peri-menopausal journey and her experience with anxiety. Her weakest link became her greatest strength as she discovered mindfulness and totally transformed her life. She is now a passionate practitioner helping women to thrive through menopause.   Clarissa's links Podcast Website Breathwork Mindfulness     Jen's YouTube clip - Paced Respiration
  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast

    Shatavari - its not just a libido herb


    Shatavari is the most popular Ayurvedic herb used for the menopausal transition. It is famous for its libido-enhancing effects. In fact, the word Shatavari in Sanskrit translates to be “she who has 100 husbands”.  But Shatavari is not just a libido herb.   Previous episodes on herbs Saffron in episode 74 Turmeric in number 83 Sage at number 88   Discovery Call with Jen

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