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Social justice and theatre with Jesmin Chowdhury

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A warm Mancunian welcome to all my listeners. Presenting Season 7, Episode 4 of the #MeettheMancunian #podcast #GM #manchester #SocialJustice #SexualViolence #SocialImpact #NonProfit. Hosted by Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe .(


In the fourth episode, the Meet the Mancunian podcast talks to Jesmin Chowdhury, Founder, Ayna Arts and social justice activist. Jesmin talks about her passion for societal change and her personal journey from being a victim of unfavourable social practices to a changemaker. She delves into the challenges she faced and her participation in impactful initiatives, including stage plays tackling societal issues like domestic violence and the luxurious lifestyle's contribution to climate change. The episode also explores Jesmin's online presence and how she lends her voice to issues fighting against patriarchal norms, inspiring thousands of other individuals around the world.

Did you know?

This episode Is being released during Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which is from the 5th to the 11th of February, 2024. The Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week is the UK's National Week to raise awareness of sexual abuse and violence and to provide an opportunity for any organisation or individuals to engage in dialogue. This week is an opportunity for anyone who wants to use their voice to join a conversation with thousands of others. #ItsNotOK

Key resources:

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Greater Manchester support for rape and sexual assault

Greater Manchester Rape Crisis


Time stamps of key moments in the podcast episode & transcript:

(00:01:58) journey to social activism

(00:03:37) Ayna Arts

(00:09:54) challenges she has overcome

(00:14:49) impact she makes

(00:19:48) advice for people looking to start a similar movement


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