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Meet the Mancunian - 7 - Meet the Artist -Bonus

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Presenting Season 7, Meet the Artist bonus episode of the #MeettheMancunian #podcast #GM #manchester #art #goals #2024 #community #socialimpact #nonprofit Hosted by Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe (


Every season, I sit down with Mahua Roy, the artist behind the attractive creatives for the Meet the Mancunian podcast. In Season 7 of the Meet the Mancunian podcast, Mahua and I discuss our collaboration over seven seasons, the highlights of Season 6, and a sneak peek into Season 7. Of course, as we met just before the end of the year, we also discussed some of our goals for 2024.


You can check out Mahua's art @Purple Art _Studio on Instagram. You can listen to the podcast episode and read the transcript on .


The first episode of Season 7 launches on Tuesday, 16 January 2024.


Time stamps:


(00:02:41)  the podcast art collaboration over 7 seasons

(00:06:17)  inspiration for Season 7 creatives

(00:07:50)  the successful Season 6

(00:09:09)  aims for the podcast

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