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Fundraising through cycling with Wes Hamnett

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A warm Mancunian welcome to all my listeners. Presenting Season 7, Episode 5 of the #MeettheMancunian #podcast #GM #manchester #Cycling #Fundrasing #Community #SocialImpact #NonProfit. Hosted by Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe. (


In the fifth episode, the Meet the Mancunian podcast interviews Wes Hamnett, a dedicated fundraiser for local charities including Wythenshawe Hospital, the Christie Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, and the British Heart Foundation. Wes shares his passion for supporting the community, the inspiration he draws from his grandparents, and some of the heart-warming encounters he has experienced during his fundraising events.


He also talks about his most interesting fundraising feat, which involved cycling across 11 countries, totalling 1,174 miles in 16 days. Wes concludes by offering advice to aspiring fundraisers.


Did you know ·     Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed by cancer. A person’s risk of developing cancer depends on many factors, including age, genetics, and exposure to risk factors.

·     Around 4 in 10 UK cancer cases every year could be prevented, that’s more than 135,000 every year.


Key resources

Cancer statistics

Cancer Screening


Timestamps of key moments in the podcast episode and transcript

(01:13) Introduction and Guest Background

(01:36) Discovering the Passion for Fundraising

(02:26) The Epic Cycling Fundraising Journey across Europe

(04:09) Challenges and Lessons Learned in Fundraising

(06:37) The Impact of Fundraising and Future Plans

(09:18) Advice for Aspiring Fundraisers


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