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Community mental health with Tahera Khannam

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A warm Mancunian welcome to all my listeners. Presenting Season 7, Episode 9 of the #MeettheMancunian #podcast #GM #manchester #community #SocialImpact #NonProfit. Hosted by Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe. (


In the ninth episode, the Meet the Mancunian podcast interviews Tahera Khannam, Founder, Better We. Tahera talks about improving the mental health of the community by promoting social inclusion, health awareness, and engaging in physical activities. Tahera shares how they support the community with education courses, computer lessons, community lunches, swimming lessons, and youth clubs. Better We won a Be Proud Award.

Did you know?

Census 2021 classifies households in England and Wales by four dimensions of deprivation: Employment, education, health and disability, and household overcrowding.

In Longsight where Better We works,

·      65% of households are deprived in at least one dimension

·      Longsight has the 3rd largest proportion of households deprived in three dimensions, compared to all other wards. 


Key resources

Better We

Key Moments in the podcast and transcript

(01:20) Discovering the Passion for Mental Health

(02:29) Expanding Services: From Coffee Mornings to Youth Clubs

(05:03) Overcoming Challenges and Building a Supportive Environment

(06:32) Recognising the Impact: Awards and Community Feedback

(10:40) How to Get Involved with Better We

(11:24) Advice for Aspiring Community Workers

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